Mark Smith Records Declining CAP Membership

Accidents, abuse Civil Air Patrol frown Mark SmithAccidents and abuse make it hard to turn Mark Smith's Civil Air Patrol frown upside down.

by AuxBeacon News Staff

On 31 October 2016 Col Mark E. Smith, commanding Southwest Region Civil Air Patrol, told the states of Texas, Oklahoma “and the rest” that CAP is and has been suffering declining membership.

He wrote:

“The overall objective of the Southwest Region (SWR) Recruiting and Retention Plan is to help the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) reverse its trend of declining membership through bolstered R&R.”

Civi Air Patrol membership declining per Mark Smith

Civil Air Patrol’s Mark E. Smith acknowledges declining membership in writing.

Many members have informed AuxBeacon that they believe Mark Smith is in a state of denial regarding the reports of abuse, accidents and crimes that have occurred in the program as an impact on declining membership.

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  1. I am a former F. Ward Reilly Award recipient, but when I changed wings and found that the Florida Wing is stuck on stupid, I haven’t been very active. CAP is just not as fun as it used to be when we could actually go and do things. but now, with all the restrictions and need to control, it isnt fun.

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