MARP Appeal Falls on Deaf Ears & Yellow Teeth

CAP Col Robert M. Karton, MARP ChairCAP Col Robert M. Karton, MARP Chair

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: CAP Lt Col Robert (Bobby) G. Hill recently endured Civil Air Patrol’s Membership Action Review Panel (MARP) process over a termination initiated by CAP National Commander, Maj Gen Joseph Vazquez. Vazquez initiated the termination process against Hill for filing a Congressional Complaint against Civil Air Patrol. Despite months of delays, the MARP decided NOT to hear his case and dismissed his appeal. We know for a fact Hill sent the MARP credible evidence to support his appeal. The MARP decision was in direct violation of the CAP Whistleblower Policy.]

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5 Comments on "MARP Appeal Falls on Deaf Ears & Yellow Teeth"

  1. Avatar KartonGame | May 19, 2017 at 16:00 | Reply

    Editor, check your inbox for some help with the two Red and Yellow “plane stains” below. Here’s my instant retort using info you already have on your site.

    It is easy-peasy to SEARCH this site and find that Robert M. Karton has already been exposed in earlier reports. US Army CPT Mike Bell (also a CAP Major) was following standard protocol (as well as CAP’s “special” house regulations) to report aggressive race and disability discrimination in CAP-land Georgia. The evidence Bell had assembled could have embarrassed COL Richard Greenwood during his probationary period as the peach Wing King.

    So, leakers in the EO and IG system delivered Bell’s concerns to Greenwood and COL Alvin Bedgood as a suck-up “Heads Up, Sir”. Soon after that, Bell was charged with a Cadet Protection Violation to knock him out of the game of active membership and scuttle his complaint long enough for Greenwood to be out of probation.

    It was Richard Greenwood who initiated the 2B termination against Bell and Bell stated in writing that he believed the whole thing was orchestrated by Greenwood. Greenwood effectively “fired” Bell for initiating an investigation of useful idiots in his wing.

    Bell’s termination hearing did not go well for Greenwood. CAP officers who knew what Greenwood was doing showed past reprisal cases and new email evidence between the uncomfortable cadet and the former Georgia Wing CC COL Tonya Boylan that took place before she died (suicide from the evidence I can see).

    Dumbfounded by what was revealed in the hearing, clean CAP attorneys on the hearing board recommended an UNSUBSTANTIATED ruling on the charges against Bell and he should have been quickly reinstated. That didn’t happen and Karton would never respond to month-after-month of Bell’s emails asking for a status update and showing Old Yellow Stain the CAP regulations. Without timely communication, without any close-out letter that would embarrass the Total Farce announcement, Karton reinstated Bell as a member of Fulton County Composite Squadron only after he was “gone” having turned over command of Great Lakes Region to COL Edward Phelka.

    As payback for done-dirty-deeds, Karton now “sits as a stain” on the MARP and Bedgood has the unpleasant “duty” of termination tool.

    It ain’t no rocket science to figure out this weenie game, from all the leaking drips, why can’t you Red?

  2. Avatar YellaStain | May 17, 2017 at 19:44 | Reply

    You don’t have better evidence on this clown than just the fact that his teeth are yellow?

  3. You supposedly have reams and reams of evidence of how the MARP screwed this guy and the best you’ve got is the MARP chair has bad teeth? Really????

  4. I know from insiders at MXF that CAP and CAP-USAF were humiliated and out to punish and sideline Bobby Hill since he exposed CAP commanders who were covering up the criminal forgery of Capt Jack Dixon’s signature and supported by Jeff Wong.

    An independent review panel convened by the national CAP organization found that “more likely than not” the removal of former squadron Cmdr. Bobby Hill was “motivated by retaliation” after he filed complaints against Wong and Zayas, according to a Jan. 7, 2015, Maui News story.

    Zayas was found guilty of forging a document to give himself credentials to fly young cadets, and is no longer a part of CAP. Wong was removed from command of Hawaii Wing and transferred to CAP’s Pacific Region headquarters.

  5. Geez, even the CAP lawyers break the Regs to cover up for the Chief. Very sad.

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