MARP Refused Hill’s Appeal Despite Credible Evidence

CAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, CAP Col Robert Karton, CAP Brig Gen Larry MyrickCAP Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, CAP Col Robert Karton, CAP Brig Gen Larry Myrick

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: The question has been raised as to what credible evidence former CAP member Bobby Hill had offered to the Membership Action Review Panel (MARP) after his termination hearing in Denver with Celeste Gamache, Robert Bost, Regina Aye and Alvin Bedgood. The materials that follow have been sanitized for personal information. The truth is that certain eager-beavers and mistake-makers in CAP wind up being used as tools to perform dirty deeds. Bobby Hill, as commander of the Kahului Squadron, was vital in supporting those CAP officers who corrected the Zayas-Wong pilot forgery fraud in Hawaii Wing. Alvin Bedgood was Tonya Boylan’s ineffective and fiscally loose Southeast Region commanding officer during the Georgia Wing pilot fraud investigation.]

MARP Request to Lt Col Hill for more evidence on 9 January 2017:

Evidence provided by Lt Col Hill to MARP on 29 January 2017:

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20 Comments on "MARP Refused Hill’s Appeal Despite Credible Evidence"

  1. I don’t think you could find at Wing or even Region level the “natural source” to look objectively at the termination actions. It would have to be removed from any and ALL politics found at those levels. And the National IG doesn’t have the staff to evaluate the multitude of terminations to determine if they were political or deserved.

    Looking at one local CAP squadron, I see members trying to 2B a cadet for missing 3 meetings. I doubt the average Squadron Commander realizes that a 2B action is not a temporary action, but would stop the member from coming back into the program at a later date. Then again, I hear of a member that has been 2B’d that a staff member wants to bring back, but fear of politics on the part of the Commander prevents this.

    The people that use politics and abuse authority seem to be the ones that get promoted, get transferred to higher levels or appear to be on an ego trip. But to root these people who hurt the program would require a total overhaul of the organization of CAP. In other words, it won’t happen with the current administration. Few seem willing to stand up to these members and correct any wrongs in the past.

    While politics has been around to various degrees, it wasn’t until about 1993 to 1999 that politics became more apparent. And that was at Group level and up. During this period, the “Corporation” took over from the Air Force many of the day-to-day operations with the end of the Wing LO system. When I joined, CAP cadets could fly actual SAR missions as both pilot or observer. Now cadets are considered as children and must be protected at all costs. The liability factor affects ES and Cadet programs which tends to drive away members with the required training and lack of activity.

  2. Another case from the past based on facts that proves the MARB/MARP has never been independent from the CAP chain of command.

    In the late 2000’s, PAWG CC, Mark Lee was a Pineda appointee with contacts to Larry Kauffman. Some time ago, he did something big for which he was 2B-ed. He appealed it to the MARP. All members on the MARP were appointed by Tony Pineda and Rick Bowling to indefinite terms. His 2B was reversed on a technicality because of something NER CC (Diduch) did improperly. Diduch was recruited as a member by Kauffman and was moved up fast. Kauffman high-handedly made him the NER CC over the choice (Linker) of the wing CCs in NER.

    In the end, Mark Lee was reinstated.

  3. Avatar Former CAP IG | August 2, 2017 at 07:19 | Reply

    There have been many IG Investigations over the past several years where they didn’t follow the regulations. I have even been a witness in several of them. I have seen more cover-ups than anything else in the CAP.

  4. I find it rather interesting that the National Commanders position is not going to Myrick….

  5. Dixon-Zayas-Wong-Hill is not the only pilot records forgery and coverup to take place in Civil Air Patrol. Vazquez knows this.

  6. The truth is these are not very bright guys and things have gotten out of hand.

    Your efforts, while clearly amateur hour in journalism, have not gone unnoticed. Keep improving.

  7. Bobby’s termination warrants an investigation by the USAF IG and those involved with this witch hunt must be dealt with the same action. The CAP regulations apply to all members, including the BoG, the national commander and his vice, wing/region commanders and NHQ.

    • Will NEVER happen. The CAP’s PR machine is working hard to discredit anyone that is looked at as a naysayer. The former IG squelched a lot of credible and sane voices. Lots and lots of experienced members with wisdom and experience either quit or just sit back and say nothing. Commanders have no voice and are berated for any negative happenings. If your numbers don’t look good, you get told to improve the numbers. It’s ALL about numbers and funding. It’s not about ethics or integrity or even being able to competently accomplish a mission. Just don’t look bad and get all your wing’s complainers out of the program.

      There will be NO followup on this. No investigation. No elected official will care. It is a done deal. The powers at be have spoken. This should be a wake up call to anyone thinking CAP is headed down a path of value. It’s not. It’s busy work, it’s nice budgets for region and national leaders (who are NEVER inspected like wings and squadrons) and total lack of oversight. If you expect it to change, it will not. If you expect to make a difference, you will not.

      • Corruption has become rampant in the Civil Air Patrol, and it has begun to enter rapid decline and instability. And corrupt government and military officials have aided and abetted this.

        Indeed, the CAP is following the pattern of ALL past corrupt organizations as they worsened and became extinct.

        The powers that be are the board of governors… “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” wrote the English essayist and historian Lord Acton in the 1880’s.

        Watching the rise and fall of empires is like watching a predictable ballet or opera, or even a Hollywood movie, all with distinct beginnings, middles, and ends, marked by triumph after triumph, crisis after crisis, and then the resolution of it all at the end. The curtain drops. The lights come on. The European empires lasted until the Second World War, and then crashed.

      • “Never happen”, Mr. Anonymous. I beg to differ.

        • Columbo, I hope and pray you’re right. The really sad thing, is that there are oversights and checks and balances in place within both the USAF and CAP regulatory system. However they aren’t complete, and are not used appropriately. CAP-USAF and Congress both need to accept responsibility for allowing this culture to continue, and bring it to heel.

          USAF has it’s own toxic and corrupt system, so that leaves direct Congressional oversight. Perhaps Big Brother Blue doesn’t want to crack down on their little boy, so congress should.

  8. It is possible that like a mushroom, Lt Gen Judith Fedder, USAF (Ret.) has been kept in the dark regarding the abuses throughout Civil Air Patrol. She may know nothing about the growing numbers silenced or harmed by the defamation tactics of bullies desperately seeking to hold their tenuous middle-management power base.

    It is also possible that, like a mushroom, Lt Gen Judith Fedder has been fed a compost of horse hockey and straw regarding CAP’s current state and how much time she would need to devote to the duty position.

  9. Delighted to have this. It confirms my decision to terminate my CAP membership after 29 years with assignments from squadron up through wing to region JAG. This organization no longer deserves my support

  10. Avatar Retired Colonel | June 3, 2017 at 06:39 | Reply

    Bloody witch hunts. Victimization of the falsely accused, arguably, does more to destroy morale than even victimization of actual victims. Things like this destroy our last vestiges of esprit de corps. Just another reason I’m glad to be long retired.

  11. Where is CAP-USAF oversight? Where is Congressional oversight? How many other whistle blowers have been terminated under Vazquez?

  12. Avatar PedoHunter | June 2, 2017 at 22:14 | Reply

    I have NEVER, EVER seen a public apology to the membership from Joe Vazquez or Chuck Carr or Tony Pineta or Rich Anderson regarding the many sustained findings of abuse (child and adult) in the Civil Air Patrol program. On the other hand, we have all seen the details of the reversals in the MARP/MARB reports over the past 20 years. Thank you very much, AuxBeacon.

    Today we learned that Graham Spanier, the former PRESIDENT of Penn State University, and former Athletic Director Tim Curley and former Senior Vice President Gary Schultz have all been sentenced to PRISON terms for failing to report a 2001 allegation that assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was MOLESTING young boys.

    I am telling you that right now there are CAP Commanders and CAP pilots using their drummed-up prestige to take advantage of young people and intimidate the silence and cooperation of others.

  13. Why would Vazquez, Karton & Myrick terminate him knowing this witch hunt was documented as well as recorded? Are they stupid?

    • Only somewhat stupid. Many members don’t understand why this happens. These tools are taking a calculated risk for a higher level CAP officer. If their dirty deed does not result in charges, lawsuits or other forms of attack, then this dirty deed may be rewarded by the cleaner, cooler commander above them.

  14. This organization has been stolen from the American people by opportunist sociopaths. Need better checks and balances and external oversight to prevent this kind of abuse.

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