CAP Membership Action Review Board Sued by Whistleblower

Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: Plaintiff was CAP Capt Aric C. Hall from Tyler Composite Squadron in Texas Wing. Hall originally reported cadet protection policy violations and theft through the chain of command. As a result, he was terminated. The CAP MARB appeal board terminated his membership to bury his complaint. Later, Hall tried to get help from the USAF and the CAP Board of Governors, but was met with resistance. Hall sued the CAP in 2005 and 2008 for breach of implied contract and negligence. This is a good example of what happens during a termination that was handled by the corrupt CAP Membership Action Review Board.]

To the Honorable Texas District Court:

1. This action is filed to correct the breach of implied contract of the defendants, and
presumably negligence of Mr. J. Rock Palermo III, which caused harm to Plaintiff subsequent to their service on the Membership Action Review Board (“MARB”) of the Civil Air Patrol (“CAP”)…


5. In August-September 2003, both defendants, serving on the MARB approved of Plaintiff’s termination from CAP. Subsequently, Mr. Dwight Wheless served as vice-president and then president of CAP, while Mr. J. Rock Palermo III was once again appointed as national legal officer of CAP, as a reward for violating corporate policy and covering for other corporate officers’ corruption. It is in those subsequent duties that the defendants are being sued for negligence and breach of implied contract.

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