Missouri Wing IG Complaints Ignored

Col Joe CaslerCol Joe Casler

By Missouri Wing | News of the Force

In inspector general complaints filed by members of the Missouri Wing, CAP officers are claiming harassment and illegal removal of their mission credentials by Col Joe Casler, the North Central Region (NCR)’s director of operations.

Copies of at least two of the complaints contain copies of email messages and appear to support the claims of the officers involved.

The complaints were apparently filed around or during Dec 2008, but as yet there has been no outcome and apparently no action has been taken on the complaints. “NCR HQ either won’t, or refuses, to process the complaints and the end result is no action has been taken and apparently is not going to be taken,” one source in the Missouri Wing said. “It appears that NCR HQ is refusing to have anything to do with the Missouri Wing. That includes no processing of awards or promotions. Nothing in the way of promotions, awards or certificates has been returned to the Missouri Wing since Col Kuddes was restored as the NCR commander about 18 months ago. He has not responded to the Missouri Wing since the Winter National Board meeting.

In an email from Col Kuddes:

“Col Casler,

You are authorized to obtain any documents that you need to verify mission qualifications of any member in the North Central Region. These documents include but are not limited to SQTRs, mission/exercise sign in sheets, IC notes, Branch Director notes and mission reimbursement requests. If the Wing commander requires that you coordinate through them, then please try to accommodate that request. However, if you are refused access to those records please advise me ASAP and I will ensure you receive them.

Steve W. Kuddes, Col, CAP
Commander, North Central Region”

It appears that Col Casler may be a person who is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another. “Official CAP records show that Col Casler acquired his own incident commander’s ratings as follows: IC-1, 7/21/2008; IC-2, 6/25/2006 and IC-3, 6/17/2008.

“How do you become an IC-2 before becoming an IC-1?” a CAP source has asked.

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