Mother of CAP Cadet Concerned about Sexual Assault

Sexual AssaultSexual Assault

By Van Harl | Altus Times

Will she be safe?

I have written a number of columns over the years about women in the military. I wrote one about my daughter possibly attending the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA).

A North Carolina mother, with a sixteen year old daughter, found the article and contacted me about her girl child attending the USAFA. The daughter is home schooled, and has been a Cadet in the Air Force’s Civil Air Patrol program for a number of years. The mother had questions about her daughter’s potential career in an organization where only 15% of its members are female.

I am sure in the back of her mind she has reservations about her daughter being wounded or killed while deployed with the Air Force, but what she was really concern with was sexual assault. The Department of Defense (DoD) is not doing well in the press right now when it comes to the physical and sexual safety of its members, both male and female.

The first question I have is, are there more sexual assaults occurring in the military than in the civilian world?

So far no one I have contacted can give me a definite answer. What I was told is perhaps the ability for reporting sexual assault in the military is more enhanced and encouraged. When a person is assaulted in the big civilian world the victim may never see the attacker again, but on the confines of a military installation Airman Sally has a greater probability of coming in contact with Airman Billy her attacker, so she reports it.

The number one thing you always have to remember is, men are sexual predators and with military women being a 15% gender minority they are always going to be viewed as the next victim by certain members of the armed forces. If you look at raw numbers more men are victims of sexual assault in the military than women. Just as there are more single parent dads in the military than single parent moms.

However, when you get the phone call that your 18 year old daughter you entrusted to the Air Force Academy, has been raped by four drunk fellow male Cadets you don’t really care about statistics. Women are in the military to stay. The 15% female population in the DoD will only go up in the future and this will mean more targets of opportunity for assaults. I will tell you I have never been a big fan of the military justice system.

Everything is driven by success numbers in the military, to include how many cases a military lawyer (JAG) wins in a military courtroom. The military prosecutor may have a weak case, perhaps because the victim might not do well on the witness stand. JAG officers hate to lose “their” case. Emphasis being “their” case not the justice the victim needs.

Personal safety has to be the driving motivator here. If the female military member cannot (and will never be) guaranteed her safety by the DoD from members of the DoD she has to take charge of her own safety. First suggestion is follow rule #9 from Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of the NCIC TV show, “Always carry a knife.” I gave a double bladed knife to one of the female USAFA cadets we sponsored when the Colonel was stationed in Colorado Springs. Evil hates organization. You need to pre-organize your response to an assailant and be ruthless.

The number two and probably even more important suggestion is never consume intoxicants with your fellow male military members when you are the only female in the crowd. There is a current case at the U.S. Naval Academy were a female midshipman was allegedly raped by fellow male midshipmen. They allege it was consensual but she really does not remember, because she in her own words was drinking very heavily.

Why is it ever a good idea for a single female airmen to be in an off base motel room drinking with a room full of male airmen?

It is hard to invoke rule #9 if you are drunk. Those nice clean cut professional male military members you as a female member see every day at work do not have your best interest at heart when they are drinking and running in a pack.

Yes, mother in North Carolina your daughter should go to the Air Force Academy but she needs to be ready to proactively protect herself because at this time the DoD cannot do it for her. Do not expect that to change anytime soon, but she is still safer in the military than in the civilian world. It just hurts more when your own kind (fellow Airmen and Soldiers) are the predators.

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