National Commander of CAP Ousted

Tony PinedaTony Pineda

By Ken Kaye | Sun Sentinel

Maj Gen Antonio “Tony” Pineda of Plantation has been ousted as National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol, after being accused of asking another member to take exams for him.

On Wednesday, Pineda denied any wrongdoing and lashed out at the organization, saying its Board of Governors failed to hear his side of the story and abused its authority.

“After 20 years of service, this is how they treat their volunteers?” Pineda, who achieved the Civil Air Patrol rank of Major General, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “I’ll tell you this much: I’m not volunteering anymore.”

The air patrol’s Board of Governors voted to remove Pineda on Tuesday after a “careful review of the facts and circumstances,” Richard Bowling, the board chairman, said in a statement. Amy S. Courter has taken over as Interim National Commander.

The organization launched an investigation into Pineda after Ray Hayden of Tamarac said he took U.S. Air Force Air Command and Staff College exams in 2002 and 2003 at Pineda’s request.

The tests, which cover military tactics and history, are intended to prepare military officers for high levels of command. They are not required of Civil Air Patrol officers to advance.

Hayden, who was an air patrol member at the time, said he was afraid if he refused to take the test he would be forced out of the organization. He has since left anyway, saying the group “illegally” refused to renew his membership.

Pineda had a different version. He said he failed to support Hayden after he was involved in an insubordination incident, and that Hayden filed the complaint in response.

Further, Pineda, 58, who recently retired after a 27-year career in law enforcement, said the board refused to provide him with documentation supporting its action.

“They have absolutely nothing,” he said.

Steve Cox, a Civil Air Patrol spokesman, said the organization had no further comment in response to Pineda’s allegations.

Pineda said he was “relieved” to be done with the air patrol.

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  1. Why is Col Ray Hayden the “jackass” when he was abused into the spot when the real jackass – Pinhead – ordered him into taking his (and Parker’s) exams for them?

    Also – how come Pinhead, when KNOWING that Col Ray Hayden had some serious dirt on Pinhead and Parker NOT try to silence Col Hayden via smooching his arse? And then, why did Pinhead, Parker and Levitch CREATE a fake accident to give themselves the Silver Medal of Valor? (Parker & Levitch NEVER got terminated).

    You would think that Pinhead and his crew would have stopped to think, “You know? Perhaps we ought not to rattle Col Hayden’s cage.”

    In fact, Col Hayden stated on MANY websites that he was already planning to silently retire from CAP in 2008 BEFORE the whole PDW SNAFU with Capt Hollander… oh, how so many people forget so very quickly…

    Yeah – blame Col Hayden… he is the whistle blower, so blame him.

    You know? Col Hayden discussed the whole thing with trusted advisers way high up in the CAP food chain and beyond BEFORE he went public with it all – and he knew that the second he did it, he would be totally screwed, yet he decided to take the hit and be the face man for all those who could not, or would not come forward and be public… odd how we all forget that tidbit – the corruption has been around for a lot quite a few years now – but it was not until Col Hayden took the hit no one else had the stones for Pineda and his posse…

    Col Ray Hayden has done something that no other complainant, blogger or person who has voiced his or her disgust with the current command has been able to do. Due to the changes in CAP bylaws, the removal of a commander, even one as corrupt as Pineda, has been made next to impossible. Hayden by putting forth charges that immediately destroyed his own reputation, took Pineda out of power and gave CAP the hope of recovery from the slashing and burning done to the command structure by Pineda, we should be at least a little grateful.

    I for one think that perhaps – with some HONEST soul searching, that Col Hayden (no longer a CAP member in fact) is owed on heck of a Thank You from the members of the organization for opening up the future opportunities that would surely NEVER have come about…

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