National Strike Against Corruption in CAP

Civil Air PatrolStrike Against Corruption

By Skip Munger | News of the Force

A Website known as “CAP Insights” is calling for a National Strike Against Corruption in the Civil Air Patrol.

Maj Ray Hayden of CAP Insights is asking the general membership of the CAP to suggest the best weekend to conduct this event nationally. The weekend must take place before the National Board Meeting on August 9, 2007, the Website says.

“It is the intention of CAP Insights to bring into very sharp focus, the fact that the national leadership of the Civil Air Patrol really serves at the pleasure of the general membership, and that the Civil Air Patrol general membership will no longer stand for the level and depth of the near total corruption that exists in the Civil Air Patrol’s leadership today,” a press release states.

“This National Strike will not involve any emergency services missions that might occur, but will apply to all other Civil Air Patrol-related activities,” according to the statement. “This event is meant to drive the point home to CAP, CAP-USAF, the Air Force and Congress that the corruption will not be tolerated. The leadership of the Civil Air Patrol is moot without the general membership. The membership will not allow the corruption to continue.”

CAP Insights is asking for suggestions as to the best weekend to hold this demonstration from the general membership of the organization.

The website is also calling for all available public affairs officers and those with PAO aspirations or capabilities to document and report on the walk-out nationwide.

Further updates are available at this link.

Since it is a volunteer organization whose members are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), such a strike by CAP members would not be illegal, and the Air Force could not “order” their return to duty.

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