New York CAP Plane Crashes into House

Civil Air PatrolFiremen shoot foam on broken fuselage of Civil Air Patrol plane that fell in flames from third story minutes after hitting room.

Paul Meskil | New York Daily News

[Editor’s Note: This story was originally published by the Daily News on May 23, 1977. The story was written by Paul Meskil.]

A Civil Air Patrol plane crashed into a Queens house yesterday, killing a 16-year-old air cadet and injuring two other cadets and their pilot.

Police said that there teenage cadets and the pilot, CAP 1st Lt Annette Leder, 27, had just left Flushing Airport in a single-engine Cessna 172. The small plane took off at 10:55 a.m., heading east. Then it reportedly turned in a wide semicircle and appeared to be heading back to the airport when it lost altitude and crashed into the roof of three-story home at 144-69 27th Ave., at the corner of 146th St.

The plane struck the house and burst into flames at 10:08, three minutes after takeoff. Two of the cadets and the pilot fell from the plane to the ground. The three cadet, Edwin Guevara, of 740 E. 149th St, Bronx, was trapped in the blazing aircraft and died before rescuers could reach him.

Ms Leder, of 3535 DeKalb Ave, Bronx, was reported in critical condition at Flushing Hospital after more than four hours of emergency surgery for spinal injuries and multiple fractures of the arms and legs.

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