NSA Inspector General Guilty of Reprisal

Dr. George Ellard, NSA IG

By AuxBeacon News Staff

In 2013, an National Security Administration contractor fled the United States and then leaked classified emails about the agency’s domestic eavesdropping program before he could be discredited. At the time, George Ellard was the NSA Inspector General (IG) and he openly condemned these actions, stating that the contractor could have safely reported his findings and allegations without retaliation.

However, an External Review Panel convened under Presidential Policy Directive 19 has found evidence of George Ellard’s personal actions against another whistleblower. This reverses a previous ruling and investigation by the DOJ that found no proof that Ellard was a retaliator. The reversal seems to confirm a trend that the Department of Justice is often unable to find evidence when other agencies can. The External Review Panel was comprised of IGs from the Central Intelligence Agency, Treasury Department and the Justice Department.

The panel’s recent ruling has led NSA Director Admiral Michael Rogers to issue a notice of proposed termination to George Ellard, although Ellard appears to remain with the agency on administrative leave during his appeals process. The panel’s finding is to be mentioned in a future semiannual report of the Intelligence Community IG.

This is important news for those CAP members who are teachers, FAA flight instructors, emergency medical technicians and other professionals who have been harmed by CAP commanders for reporting issues of safety, fraud, waste and abuse in Civil Air Patrol’s Pacific, Northeast and Southeast Region.

Presidential Policy Directive 19 assists the people of the United States to hold even top-level officials accountable for targeting whistleblowers. It allows the conscientious to safely report agency problems going forward without fear of preemptive setups to discredit or other forms of reprisal. This is assuming, of course, that it will not be repealed by the incoming Donald Trump administration.

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