Passing Loudermilk the MOVA Challenge Coin

SMOV James L. Shaw JrLt Col James Shaw to start Civil Air Patrol Medal of Valor Association

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While you were dumbfounded that Barry Loudermilk would accept a CAP award for “distinguished and conspicuous heroic action, at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of normal duty” for his personal maneuvers on 14 June 2017, former CAP History Foundation perpetrators Todd Engelman and Jim Shaw revealed that Richard Greenwood was passing Loudermilk a Medal of Valor Association challenge coin.

Jim Shaw and Todd Engelman tout the MOVA coin pass.

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  1. The CAP’s silver medal of valor is theoretically a rare award given to members who risk their own lives to save another. Loudermilk was present at the shooting. He “earned” the medal for allegedly distracting the shooter when he understandably ran for cover behind a small building in the park. But acting to save another life?

    In his own statements about the incident, Loudermilk never claimed heroic status, but yet he accepted the award. Loudermilk’s original statements may be found here:

    In fact, the silver medal of valor has been awarded to others, including others who have been found guilty of crimes in the CAP, such as theft.

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