Pay to Play, Stray or Stay: Richard Anderson Contributors

Cadet Maleah Strawser and Brig Gen Rich AndersonCAP Cadet Intern Maleah Strawser with Brig Gen Rich Anderson in 2012

By AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: One of our readers  was inspired to do some research into Civil Air Patrol members who donated money to Rich Anderson’s political campaign.    After they donated, members like Brian Campbell, Angelo Porco and others received forgiveness for straying from the corporate line and others received placements to more senior level positions.  The story sent to us via contact was better and more complete than the comment.  Thank you for your contribution and please keep sending us more information.]

Attention AuxBeakers:

The recent articles on Brian Campbell, Richard Anderson and the IG report from Allan Stein started me looking into Civil Air Patrol members who paid to play and hold positions in Civil Air Patrol.   AuxBeacon should add a story about Angelo Porco’s 2B  under Bowling and later reinstatement.  With Anderson exposed and removed from office, you and your readers can follow the filthy money without fear.

  • Denzil Allen $200 (Served as Kentucky Wing Commander)
  • Jayson A. Altieri $300 in 2009 (Served as BoG Chair & Vice)
  • Allen M. Applebaum $200 (Served as Pennsylvania Wing Commander)
  • Stephen W. Austin $1250 (Served as Spaatz Association President)
  • Len Blascovich $200 (Served as National Historian)
  • Floyd B. Callahan $1550 (Served as Virginia Wing Commander)
  • Brian M. Campbell $5500 (Served as Spaatz Association Director)
    (Gave $1000 in 2009, $1500 in 2011, $2000 in 2013, $1000 in 2014, $1000 in 2015)
  • Ted Chavez $200 (Served on National Staff)
  • Amy S. Courter $1500 (Served as National Commander)
  • Susan Easter $150 (Served as Chief Financial Officer/Paid)
  • Mary S. Feik $4580 (Served on National Staff)
  • Charles S. Glass $1200 (Served as Virginia Wing Commander)
  • Gene D. Hartman $2850 (Served as Missouri Wing Commander)
  • Larry D. Kauffman $1250 (Served on National Staff/Paid)
  • Ned Lee $250 (Served as BoG Vice Chair)
  • Ray Lyon $100 (Served as Middle East Region Vice Commander)
  • James L. Mallett $3300 (Served on National Staff)
  • Angelo A. Porco $2200 (Served as California Wing Commander)
  • John M. Speigel  $100 (Served as BoG Chair)
  • Lawrence W. Stys $750 (Served as Wisconsin Wing Commander)
  • Tom Todd $1650 (Served as Southwest Region Commander)
  • Joseph Vazquez $250 (Served as National Commander)
  • Robin M. Vest $550 (Serves on National Staff/Paid)
  • Dwight Wheless $550 (Served as National Commander)

3 Comments on "Pay to Play, Stray or Stay: Richard Anderson Contributors"

  1. Avatar Thompson Tipton | May 3, 2018 at 12:33 | Reply

    This is useful, thank you. This may be off-topic, but you might want to add Rep. Scott Tipton to your watch list. He is with 3rd Congressional district Colorado. He’s had multiple ethics violations.

    He has received $39,000 in campaign contributions from Texas-based energy firm SG Interests over the course of his career. In 2016, he drafted a bill for drilling (oil and gas) in our Thompson Divide that included large sections taken “word for word” from one of their proposals.

  2. Avatar PorcoStory | May 2, 2018 at 01:18 | Reply

    Part of the Porco story is already on AuxBeacon.

  3. Avatar Anonymous | May 1, 2018 at 21:26 | Reply

    Anderson’s inner circle of trusted pals. Great to know. Thanks.

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