Potential Terrorist Threat to the CAP

By AuxBeacon News Staff

Subject: Civil Air Patrol…general risk change
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 09:32:27 -0500
From: David Hook
To: Fred Burton

Hi Fred,

Thanks to STRATFOR articles like the one about the homegrown terrorist attack in Seattle last month, Planehook raised its general risk rating for the Civil Air Patrol from very low to low. This change is based upon three germane sources of potential threats and tactics: homegrown Al-Qaeda cells or lone wolves using IEDs to attack the Air Force Auxiliary, Mexican drug cartels using intimidation tactics to reduce/prevent drug interdiction sorties along the US-Mexico Border, and localized right-wing militias with an inclination to push back against federal authority (generally in the northern border states). We have found no evidence to indicate that the CAP has taken steps to harden its locations–most of which are on general aviation airports (the only exceptions I know of are the CAP-HQ which is located on Maxwell AFB, AL and its liaison office in the Pentagon). For these reasons we are now advising clients that the presence of a CAP unit at their airport represents a low general risk to airports and their operations. It’s only a small change, but it does indicate a trend.

You and STRATFOR have always been kind enough to share information and give presentations to our San Antonio Chapter of InfraGard. I hope that this information is useful to you.

Cheers from the Alamo,


David C. Hook, PSP
Planehook Aviation Services, LLC
“Securing aviation one airport at a time”
Licensed Security Company
Texas # Redacted

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