Replacement Montana Wing Commander Found in Idaho

Musical Wing CommandersCAP Col Tom Kettel grunts as Col Warren Vest replaces CAP Col Mitch Edwards as Montana Wing Commander. Warren Vest, Dale Newell

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On Thursday evening June 30th 2018, Civil Air Patrol dipped deep into its ancient reserve when former Board of Governors member, CAP Col Warren Vest, accepted command of Montana Wing at the URMR Dining-In at the US Air Force Academy. CAP Lt Col Robert J. Schneller served as the interim Montana Wing Commander.

The former commander of Civil Air Patrol’s Montana Wing was CAP Col Mitch Edwards who took the reigns just last year in April of 2017. Prior to that, CAP Col Nolan Teel served as the Montana Wing commander from December 4th 2013.

Civil Air Patrol members have been pointing out that CAP Col Warren Vest does not live in the state of Montana and that CAP Col Tom Kettel is unfit for command of Rocky Mountain Region. Vest lives in the state of Maryland and has a second home in Idaho. Members also observe the tactic of power-lingering through the game of musical chairs.

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  1. And you wanted BOG member Dale Newell to get a briefing on this? J/K Newell’s done some sleazy things in CAP, so tell ya what imma do. Here is a better picture of Vest [link redacted] and here is a link [redacted] to the names of all the squadron commanders in OKWG for the past 12 years. You’re Welcome.

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