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I would like to dip Mark Smith’s shiny head in oil and rub it all over my body while the entire membership watches from a safe distance. An overpriced Wreath Across his head would look dashing too.
– HoustonOiler | December 7, 2017

It looks like Civil Air Patrol’s Lt Col Jeff O’Hara, Georgia Wing Vice Commander underneath Andrea Van Buren is reading AuxBeacon to conclude in a most public way on CAPTalk that Wreaths Across America is not good for the ethics and public image of Civil Air Patrol. He just recently posted this –

Wreaths Across America / Worcester Wreaths Inc.?

No thanks. Notwithstanding the sincerity of many of our members that they’re doing an honorable thing (for profit), I feel as if we’ve been duped into being the DoDs version of street corner Moonies. I don’t like what it is doing to us ethically, either. V/r, Spam

– Spam Outloud | December 1, 2017

WAA is a for-profit family owned company that has family and CAP members on the board of Wreaths Across America. Civil Air Patrol Col. Dan LeClair is on the WAA Board. Serious conflict of interest.
– Hic-ins | December 3, 2017

I asked my parents if they thought anything was wrong with this. Mom is a nurse and she made a face and said that it could encourage cadets to view heavy drinking as a requirement for being in the club. She said that Fort Rucker is known for a Drug and Alcohol Abuse problem and has the Army Substance Abuse Program on 6th Avenue in Building 132. Dad said that the real issue is that the Civil Air Patrol BoG, chaired by Altieri at the time, appointed John Salvador without properly looking into what was going on at CAP national headquarters.
– Rucker ASAP | October 6, 2017

David Graham and Diane Zamora met at a Civil Air Patrol meeting at Spinks Airport. He excelled and rose to command his Junior ROTC battalion. After a lover’s triangle, they killed Adrianne Jones on Seton Road, left her body and eventually went off to the Air Force Academy and the Naval Academy where they were caught after Zamora confessed to her two roomies. The whole mess was described in the book Blind Love: The True Story of the Texas Cadet Murders by Peter Meyer and there is a 2007 Dateline video on youTube and even Wikipedia entries that talk all about it.
– DBackTX154 | October 4, 2017

It was Col. Jayson Altieri, then chairman of Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors, who announced that the BoG had selected John Salvador as CAP’s chief operating officer. “The extensive background and experience John Salvador brings to this position will serve Civil Air Patrol well,” said Joe Vazquez. “I have worked with him for over 15 years, first in operations and later as a part of CAP command. His vision for the future is certain to empower CAP’s volunteer Airmen to build upon the organization’s rich history of community service. I look forward to being a part of that process.”
– AltivazApproved | September 30, 2017

We’re not sure what’s happening at the National Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol at Maxwell AFB, Ala., but apparently there’s a major shake-up going on. Sources have told NOTF that Chief Operating Officer John Salvador has either been fired or is being fired for sexual harassment and for having had an extra-marital affair with a female national headquarters employee whose name we are withholding. Numerous sources have also alerted us to the fact that Susan Easter, formerly the CAP’s chief financial officer, and Missie DeRocher-Harris, formerly the CAP’s Inspector General’s office manager, are suing the CAP for sexual harassment and wrongful termination of employment.
– Skip Munger | September 29, 2017

I always wanted my son to join Civil Air Patrol and be recruited by well-to-do back-door men to serve as an expendable patsy for a powerful Book and Snake like Porter Goss. Sadly that never happened, but my daughter is in CAP and her commander says she can really bring it. So, I guess I got that going for me.
– HoosierDaddy | September 28, 2017

The systemic pattern of physical and mental abuse in Civil Air Patrol has resulted in lying denials and coverups followed by suicides and convictions but never a public apology from the organization to those exposing the severity of the problem. Civil Air Patrol and its Board of Governors continues to encourage its commanders to conduct reprisals against whistle-blowers who expose this pathetic line of commanders as absolute gutter trash.
– Charlie | September 2, 2017

We are seeing lightweight drones fly more economically, more safely and more precisely at lower altitudes without risk to people and property. Older, medicated CAP mission pilots often cheat FAA and regulations and safety measure for their selfish objectives in receiving awards at Wing, Region and National Conferences.
– DronesOverSanAntonio | August 31, 2017

The CAP serves no one, but themselves. They are mostly feel good “fluff” stories to give the false perception they are useful in disaster relief, but in reality, they get in the way. The CAP is still on stand by for Hurricane Harvey. Where is this search & rescue they claim they do?
– Wiley | August 31, 2017

Hey Aux Beacon, check your inbox. I just sent you a picture of Richard Greenwood awarding Joel Seidband the 2015 Georgia Wing pilot of the year award which obviously comes after the 2014 LaGrange crash.
– David | August 26, 2017

Yikes, Joel Seidband is currently the Aviation Safety Inspector (Simulation Specialist) at Federal Aviation Administration.
– FAA | August 26, 2017

I personally know a US Air Force Academy (USAFA) cadet who wisely filed a complaint with the Pentagon IG because she didn’t trust the weasels at USAFA. This story has been made public, so I can now share it with your readers. Academy employees Teresa Beasley and her colleague gave statements on the cadet’s behalf to the Academy’s Inspector General (IG). Both were very worried that their comments would not be kept confidential as required by “protected communications.”

Sure enough, just like what we read here with Civil Air Patrol, their statements were turned over to their chain of command. Teresa Beasley was then threatened with an investigation and they pressured her with the harassment of “increased scrutiny.” We see that identical problem with Civil Air Patrol pressuring, isolating and discrediting their whistle-blowing members and any commanders who support them.
– Kiley Terrazo | July 29, 2017

The pics of Michelle Obama that he [Lt Col Larry Julian] had on his page were offensive and inappropriate, IMHO. I see that the Boy Scouts have apologized recently. Have Civil Air Patrol leaders ever apologized and if so, for what?
– BoyScout | July 28, 2017

Throwing the BS Flag here. Once we finish exposing our turncoat senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska and get the walking dead off the US healthcare dole, we will turn and expose you!
– Sourdough | July 27, 2017

Here’s a recent installment from Reddit:

“Being around lots of CAP pilots because my company’s maintenance shop is a certified Cessna service center, they are awful. Horribly incompetent and a very pretentious bunch. Just yesterday I had a CAP guy do a run up on the runway even though I was in pattern and called my base. Also, we have plenty of spaces to run up on the ramp. His response? YOU STILL HAVE 4,000 FEET OF RUNWAY TO LAND ON, GROW A PAIR AND LAND OVER ME.”
– RedAvia8tor | July 26, 2017

This Larry Julian and David Ferrie story makes a timely introduction to the upcoming movie “American Made” about drug smuggling CAP member Barry Seal and his connection to Columbian cartels and the Iran-Contra Affair. See the 2001 book titled “Barry and the Boys” by Daniel Hopsicker.

Glorifying money laundering operations and the importation of drugs to the United States through aviation is another type of indoctrination of impressionable youth who might one day be used.
– BarrySeal | July 24, 2017

Thanks to Lt Col Larry Julian, the notorious Civil Air Patrol is once again front page news.

In 1955, Lee Harvey Oswald was a 15-year-old CAP cadet in Louisiana along with pederast and pilot David W. Ferrie, one of the first suspects in the days following President Kennedy’s murder.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a young man who lived three lives, a triple agent for the USA, first a Marine with a high-security clearance, then a defector to Russia, then an anti-Castro CIA agent posing as a pro-Castro activist.

All this so he could be framed as the “lone nut” who single-handedly shot our beloved president by those who got away with the crime of the century.

I call for the elimination of Civil Air Patrol in every state in the union, based on its current actions and its past associations.
– MauiK | July 24, 2017

Nah, it can’t be. More vulgar behavior from Civil Air Patrol’s Southeast Region? Yet another “swing from a tree” goober sinking the program’s reputation deeper into the gutter. The reference to David Ferrie below is spot on.
– Homonculus | July 22, 2017

Your story on Col Deb Schmid wearing Air Force blues to collect money for her house fire seems to have led to Maj Gen Joey Vazquez signing a new CAP Memorandum on July 5th. Does he work for you guys now?

2. Definition. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. In the case of Civil Air Patrol,
we have two different types of initiators, CAP units and individual CAP members.

i. Individuals (cadets and senior members) cannot wear any USAF or CAP style uniform in any photos promoting a fundraising activity or event, however the wear of unit tee-shirts or unit polo shirts are authorized.

Col Richard Greenwood and Col Andrea Van Buren both allowed this Deb Schmid character to abuse the uniform with grooming violations all uncorrected.

This is why so many see CAP as corrupt to the core.
– FundMe | July 10, 2017

The cadets who exposed Civil Air Patrol’s Larry Myrick and Joseph Vazquez with this video are thanked by many around the program.

– MajorJoe | July 09, 2017

Lying is very common in Civil Air Patrol Take a look at the Final NTSB report for the very recent Civil Air Patrol accident at Fallbrook Community Airpark in San Diego County.

The CAP flight instructor reported that during a Civil Air Patrol evaluation flight, he decided to demonstrate a power off landing to the pilot being evaluated. He further reported that the airplane touched down within the first 400 feet of the 2,160-foot runway and reported that the brakes were ineffective during the landing roll.

Investigators found video from a local flight school. The video showed the airplane still airborne while in the camera frame, which was about 700 feet past the runway threshold. The airplane subsequently moved out of camera view and was still airborne. The video did not show the airplane touch down on the runway. The right seat pilot witness stated in CAP safety system that the airplane touchdown zone was 1/2 to 2/3 down the runway, with 1000 feet of runway remaining, but the runway at Fallbrook is only 2160 feet long.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) conducted a post-accident examination four days after the accident and found both brakes to be functional.
– CaliWingDing | July 09, 2017

As Rob has pointed out, we have people in New England Region who are not qualified to be serving in the air. They get very angry when this fact is frankly pointed out to them, by anyone.
– LithiumFlyers | July 08, 2017

Holy shit! There are two different pilots currently flying in my CAP wing (sorry cannot say which one but GLR) that we currently suspect are heavily medicated but too powerful to confront. A little bird suggested that they might be opioid addicts, but we cannot prove that. So tonite we searched your site to see if there was anything here about CAP Pilot drug use and found this story.

LaCroix and Civil Air Patrol are both made out to be heroic in the newspaper articles, but then two years later when the investigation is finished he is revealed to be a liar who endangered the lives of others.
– CAPDrugPIC | July 06, 2017

Unless you have Civil Air Patrol blinders on, you understand what happened here. Col Hill’s morally-required efforts with the law to protect Capt Dixon from Zayas’ pilot record forgery irritated HQ officers like Larry Myrick and Joe Vazquez, CAP-USAF, BOG Members, Et cetera. Zayas’ Civil Air Patrol felony conviction was made public when it was reported in the Maui News.

The reprehensible people running Civil Air Patrol always maneuver to send a message to the lower ranking members who they have climbed atop. That message is a clear warning to NEVER put evidence of fraud, waste or abuse into writing up the chain of command for accountability. NEVER file complaints.

They may not be able to legally take away a membership, but they can shun a lower CAP member and remove “it” from duty positions and take away “its” group or squadron by closing them down. When “it” is not in the room, they can lie about “it” and poke “it” until “it” challenges this abuse with a tone they will call insubordinate and then 2B “it”.

The Ghost Squadrons are full of people who have dead body evidence on those who are dirty, but not dirty enough for the United States Air Force or the Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors.
– CheckThis | July 09, 2017

You apparently have like-minded sympathizers on Reddit who have equally negative experiences with CAP senior members.
– LogginInLincoln | June 15, 2017

It is easy-peasy to SEARCH this site and find that Robert M. Karton has already been exposed in earlier reports. US Army CPT Mike Bell (also a CAP Major) was following standard protocol (as well as CAP’s “special” house regulations) to report aggressive race and disability discrimination in CAP-land Georgia. The evidence Bell had assembled could have embarrassed COL Richard Greenwood during his probationary period as the peach Wing King.
– KartonGame | May 19, 2017

Steadily, we are seeing higher caliber people not only resign from this corrupt program, but now take on the risk of forwarding evidence of frequent FAA violations and other fraud and taxpayer waste that is commonly concealed by CAP commanders to their personal advantage.

CAP simply cannot keep terminating one Wing Commander after another in Southeast Region as it exposes them. Heather feathers or not, Henry Irizarry was going to be brought to term because the alternative would be too embarrassing for those who tapped him.

After the slander reprisal recently attempted here against a highly respected check-airman, I was appalled in my review of your site at the number of reports and documents showing how common this tactic of personal intimidation and destruction is among the goons and kangaroo courts of Civil Air Patrol.

Expect more evidence.
– Anon | April 22, 2017

FAA South Florida FSDO?

Juan Garcia 954-641-6139
Sergio Lopez 954-641-6001
Mark Hemmerle 954-641-6015
– FSDO | April 16, 2017

You guys ran this story on Friday the 3rd and Skip Munger covered it over at News of the Force. Here’s the readout:

NOTF on Friday March 3rd 2017

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has apparently forgotten that its members are civilians and have not ever signed away their First Amendment rights. In this story, the CAP is drumming a lieutenant colonel out of the corps for writing to his congressman about Civil Air Patrol abuses. The story includes the letter the officer got from national commander Major Gen. Joe Vazquez, which on reading shows that and other “trumped-up” charges against this officer. In one place, Vazquez wrote that people are the CAP’s biggest asset in a letter telling this officer he is being terminated from membership, and in another place even says that “CAP assets are the property of the CAP.” So, now, the national commander is describing the CAP’s volunteer members as “CAP property.”

Just as one of your readers mentioned, my congressman is more interested in getting his picture taken with a CAP cadet than he is in fixing the corruption within the program.

I have sent you a private message about his dealings. Please use the info wisely.
– CAPSlavery | March 6, 2017

As your superiors, we must intimidate, punish and discredit you so that we DETER you from lodging complaints and establishing evidence trails. It does not matter whether you communicate your finding through a CAP commander, CAP IG, AF102 or Congressional complaint. The moment you created tangible evidence of an expressed concern that exposes your CAP commander as unresponsive, incompetent, unsafe, or criminal, we must move to destroy your credibility.

If we didn’t totally squash you like a Palmetto bug, then we would have to deal with MORE and MORE complaints against what y’all perceive as our malfeasance and exploitation of you. By increasing your pain and anguish, we increase the cost for you to expose us. We are very good at this, as you can see from the CAP suicides over the past few years. Their choice, both in the early grooming and in the final resolution.

Tom Kettel has written some very important articles in the IG Audience that will help you understand more, but you have to read between the lines.
– Anonymous | March 6, 2017

Word on the street is that there was more regarding the Bobby Hill situation. All of Bobby Hill’s former squadron members were also retaliated against very recently.

From what I understand, the now Hawaii Wing King Pat Collins suddenly decided he wanted to change the squadron commander who took over after Bobby’s removal/termination despite the squadron running fine. This occurred after the wing king came home from a meeting with the brass at National HQ.

After a bogus selection process that contained two other highly qualified squadron members who were Bobby Hill supporters, the wing king picks the least qualified, least experienced individual not from that within squadron… and here is the zinger, the person picked was Ed Zayas’ Deputy Commander minion in his former squadron who was at his side during the start of the whole debacle.

Last week, the members of the squadron who were Bobby Hill supporters who just so happened to be the same folks that testified in the Ed Zayas forgery incidents that also have been protesting the unjust change of command were transferred out of the squadron to the “ghost squadron” HI-000, an “on paper” squadron (penal colony). To my understanding they transferred two 50 year members and several members with 20 and 30 plus year members and others that have stellar service records and high level qualifications. What a waste of experience and talent!

This whole situation of the change of command and now the ultimate transfer of individuals is for obvious retaliatory reasons for their previous support in reporting the prior wrongful incidents and association with Bobby Hill. It sure looks like this wing king is probably taking orders from above to put the screws to these members as they were responsible for reporting what led to the the fall of Zayas, Wong and ultimately Bishop exposing the shenanigans of people in high places of a severely broken CAP.
– Ramjet | March 6, 2017

Marines’ Nude Photo-Sharing Scandal Prompts Calls for Justice
– Slime | March 6, 2017

The typical process is called Intimidation, Isolation, Time.

When those who fester into positions of “authority” see someone who is rising above, might make “them” look bad, or if someone has evidence against a person in such a position of “authority,” the machine is on automatic.

The individual is instantaneously faced with a wide scale attack to intimidate them across as much of CAP as can be done.

This often fails, because people get ticked off by the attack. This – in turn – becomes the threat of a 2b action against them, while the spreading of rumors and lies behind their back begins. They are labeled as “disgruntled members,” and the weak minds of those who renew chant it across the Internet at high speed.

If this does not completely stop the member in place, an actual, yet fraudulent 2b is created and the Isolation begins at that point. Anyone found “assisting” the displaced member in any way will also be attacked, and added to the “disgruntled” list.

Then, the “powers that be” simply wait out the time. If this doesn’t work out smoothly, those in contact with the (about to be former) member will suggest that things do not look so good for you right now, perhaps you should turn in your CAPID card and take a little time off – come back when things calm down a bit…

They will be blacklisted at CAPNHQ, and they will not be allowed to ever renew…

There is no transparency in CAP.

Myrick is a huge part of the problems in the west. He is mentioned in the following deposition of David Maxwell…
– From the Field | March 4, 2017

This is in direct violation of OSHA Federal Regulations. Forklift operators must be trained in the proper use of attachments (and people) because they alter the performance of the forklift. Attachments affect the truck’s performance by changing its center of gravity, visibility, and capacity.

OSHA strictly forbids lifting and holding workers on forks unless they use an approved work platform with railings. A forklift operator is required to wear a seat belt. People cannot use the tire to stand on or be near a moving forklift.

With all the safety classes the CAP requires you to do, this is the end result. The CAP has no business with tree removal, debris clearing, chainsaw usage, forklift operation, etc unless they are properly trained, certified and insured. Clearly, they are NOT!
– Safety Guru | January 26, 2017

Civil Air Patrol and their insurance company AirSure Ltd may benefit from an introduction to OSHA standards.
– OSHA Clue | January 26, 2017

I am a less than 3 years member of GAWG Civil Air Patrol who recently met a former member who showed me some history. She and her son were forced out of CAP when her squadron was shut down in an attempt to block communications regarding what happened to Tonya Boylan and those who found Greenwood and Knight covering up financial and aviation fraud and abuse of authority in Georgia Wing. She directed me to your website so I could read these events for myself.

Recently, a list of the Georgia Legislative Squadron Members was sent out by 1st Lt Candace Serafin of Georgia Wing. I hope you can find a way to use this.

Legislative Squadron Commander
Lt Col Hon. Rep. Terry Rogers

Legislative Majors 2-year
Hon. Rep. David C. Belton
Hon. Rep. Michael Caldwell
Hon. Rep. Jeff Jones
Hon. Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick
Hon. Sen. P.K. Martin
Hon. Rep. Paulette Rakestraw
Hon. Rep. Valencia Stovall
Hon. Rep. Erica Thomas
Hon. Rep. Keisha Waites
Hon. Rep. Bill Werkheiser

Hon. Sen. Elena Parent

Hon. Rep. David Ralston
Hon. Rep. Greg A. Morris
– Lawrenceville | January 18, 2017

Someone took some quality time to organize a solid argument exposing the fraud of CAP-NRAT’s claims in Colorado. Here is an extract from the latest on that blog.
– NRAT Fraud | January 14, 2017

These two characters [Theodore L. Shaffer and Robert Ray Hill] are in my CAP wing, Ohio Wing. One is the Wing Ding. Both are ridiculed. To find out why, look up Robert Ray Hill’s Diploma Mill PhD.
– Ohio Knows | January 13, 2017

If you tell the lie often enough and with enthusiasm, eventually it is believed and incorporated into the group.

I was sad last night at our squadron meeting. Our 2LT recruiting officer met with a parent and his daughter and recounted story after story about how CAP responds to mission after mission and saves lives on a weekly basis (or so it sounded).

I wanted to just politely ask our 2LT if he had actual basis of fact but being the “senior” officer (10-year veteran and major) I just sat and listened. Meanwhile, looking around, our cadets were nodding off, seniors looking bored, “instructor” rambling on with out of date materials and telling mostly urban legend stories, I wondered why I was still attending.

I guess I am one of the dupes that is hooked. Or there is nothing better to do on a meeting night. Or I keep hoping we will have a mission. Or I hope something will change.
Eventually our rabid 2LT will figure out the facts and leave the program. Our newly recruited cadets will not renew.

Sad fact is we have no missions for the CAP masses. That’s OK, but we keep selling that as a recruiting deal. Why not have a first-class youth program? Or build a neighborhood (i.e. squadron) CERT team. Or actually work with some local agency and become relevant. We don’t. We keep the cult alive with half-truths and urban legend. Veterans like me show up, smile, and keep the dream alive.

If I were to ask the hard questions I’d be kicked out by wing. Our wing commander has made it clear that truth is not wanted. It is all about recruiting numbers. Retention is an after thought. Retention doesn’t happen because we have no relevant missions or instruction. The wing commander made huge promises when he was elected king and now just blames the squadrons for poor numbers. No accountability at the top. I will never make Lt. Col. because I don’t want to spend the money to take the indoctrination courses. If I were to remind the wing king about his empty promises I would be the bad guy.

So I sit in silent hope things will improve, knowing in my heart until something changes at the top nothing will improve.

I remember fondly wing commanders with ethics and examples of core values. Now our core values seem to be only a publication, not something leaders actually embrace.
– Trader John | January 11, 2017

Unchecked, cultist behavior can develop in any organization or religion, and the Civil Air Patrol has a history of limited oversight with few checks/balances. Insulation, central-control and the flow of membership dues and tax monies seems to promote power grabs by sociopaths and other human monsters like Tony, Al and Henry. It is clear that neither organization can reform itself. Truthful exposure is the only recourse and the membership is starting to vote against this style of leadership with their hiking boots.

Let your readers know that there are very few CAP cadets among the service academy classes for a reason. Team sports, JROTC, and STEM clubs are time better spent.
– LOGregg | January 10, 2017

It’s no wonder agencies don’t contact CAP any more.

Today a twitter post from CAP NHQ touted how CAP saved more lives. If you read the post ( you were led to believe CAP did it all, with very little help from others. CAP set up the joint incident command, they called the shots, they sent out the search planes and even did the rescue. CAP claimed that their radar analysis made it possible for this very rapid safe search to happen. Well done CAP?

Years ago, I would have believed this and might have even repeated the urban legend. I might have told the cadets and senior in the squadron of CAP’s heroic deeds.

If you Google “Garfield county air crash” a very different picture of this Colorado event emerges. There was another plane in the area. KKCO news interviewed the other pilot who spotted the wreckage and contacted air traffic control.

Other articles quote the Garfield County Sheriff consistently about who really ran the search (he did) and how other agencies helped out, including the two medical choppers that made the rescue (only briefly mentioned by CAP news release). The sheriff listed a lot of agencies that did help in a joint operations command, but, what? Did NOT mention CAP in ANY news release.

The ONLY mention of CAP is in CAP’s news release. One news outlet actually used the CAP release, for a while, and then posted a follow-up with the facts. Don’t believe me? Go look yourself. Compare the CAP “news” with a dozen or more news reports. This is pathetic. CAP makes it sound like they did it all. No wonder agencies won’t call CAP. We lie. We take credit away from people who actually do the work and risk their lives.

Did CAP launch any aircraft? Not according to any news release. Yet, the CAP release quotes a CAP incident commander who takes credit for it all. This is the cult mentality. The sad part is our OWN people need to lie and take credit to keep the cult alive and keep luring in more people who are brainwashed into thinking we’re really something.

We wear bling and make-believe uniforms so people will see us and think we are “every day heroes” (NHQ website) and yet we are everyday frauds. Most of us are just duped into paying dues and buying expensive uniforms to further fund the NHQ nest. I am starting to learn this is one big falsehood. Yes CAP does some good some places. But now, every time I read of CAP’s involvement, I will want a second source. I no longer trust CAP leaders or the PR machine that is really pushing false news.
– Anonymous | January 9, 2017

Consider the trend in the dropping [CAP] membership numbers now that people know what has been done to the disappeared who reported petty crime and incompetence in this program.

Ray Hayden exposed the numbers on his CAP Insights page.

When Amy Courter took over command of CAP back in 2007, the CAP had 64,000 members. Today, in official documentation from the Civil Air Patrol, that number has dropped to “approx. 56,000” members. How many of them are inactive in ghost squadrons or kept on rosters just to keep units from closing?
– CAP Insights | January 8, 2017

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