SecAF Heather Wilson Appears to Mourn Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

by Lamentations | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: This report from the Anaheim convention was received a few days ago.]

I’ve been following the sad news in Civil Air Patrol and there are somethings that CAP members who couldn’t travel to the 2018 Disney Conference need to know.

SECAF Heather Wilson appeared at Civil Air Patrol’s National Conference to speak about the inspirational Civil Air Patrol of the past.

She dressed like she was at Civil Air Patrol’s funeral.

She made no mention of her Civil Air Patrol appearance on either of her Twitter and Facebook accounts. Is she ashamed of us?

I now agree with your contributors that the organization will not be able to continue until it rectifies the injustices of its past. It may even be too late.

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  1. There are many reports detailing the conflicts of interest that Heather Wilson has used. You could write on that.

  2. Good Mourning | December 11, 2018 at 09:24 | Reply

    The move is to take the Air Force style uniforms away from the senior members who cannot police themselves. That should stop some of the more public affairs.

    • Word on the street is that CAP corporate plans to eliminate ALL USAF style uniforms for senior members. The “fake Air Force” will soon have their own look and style, except for the cadet kiddies.

  3. To all you Wilson fan groupies:

    Trump considering firing Air Force secretary over Space Force

  4. Check out CAP’s ‘ridiculous’ mission for Hurricane Florence preparation – Aerial Traffic Duty! What a joke!!! What ever happened to CAP’s search and rescue mission???

    Heather Wilson, when are you going to give us some real SAR missions?

    “The first Civil Air Patrol aircrew began flying about 8 a.m. today over Interstate 26 in South Carolina to observe traffic flow along the evacuation route. The team is looking for any issues that could impede traffic flow — including stalled vehicles and accidents — and reporting that information back to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division.”

  5. You guys need to get the video of her speech up so that everyone can refer to statements she made by time stamp. I saw it live and I agree with you. Heather Wilson is low energy and not the right person to have as Secretary of the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE. Need a dynamic leader.

    It is almost as if Trump and Putin are seeking to undermine our defense with this morbid selection.

    Also, everyone knows that the story of Civil Air Patrol sinking German submarines is false. Unbelievable!

  6. RTWilsonUBoat | August 31, 2018 at 12:31 | Reply

    On “those damn little yellow airplanes”

    By stating that Civil Air Patrol sunk two German U-boats during World War II, is Heather Wilson exposing Frank Blazich’s research and high profile campaign as utter bunk?!?

    Or is Heather Wilson just lazy and ignorant?

    • It was Todd Engelman who discovered the CAP did not sink two German uboats during WWII. Blazich took his uboat findings research and wrote a long winded report to make a name for himself with the NHQ brass. Todd deserves the credit, not Frank.

  7. Wilson has either been kept in the dark of the CAP corruption or she is ignoring it to encourage the abuses to continue. What a huge disappointment. Why her for SecAF? Another appointment by a POTUS eager to weaken our standing.

  8. CAP NHQ released Heather Wilson’s speech with only a photo on YouTube, and no video? What are they hiding?

    Wilson took parts from CAP’s old history books and the CAP annual report. 20+ minutes of sheer boredom with factually inaccurate statements.

    One of my CAP PAO friends said that they couldn’t release the video because so many of the members had dozed off on camera. Could that really be true?

  9. WilsonFakeHistory | August 31, 2018 at 03:09 | Reply

    Heather Wilson speech was atrocious and full of factual errors. Here is a link showing the false statements she made:

    [link removed]

  10. That this is our Secretary of the Air Force is a testimony to just how far we have fallen.

    I looked into Civil Air Patrol once and found it full of inflated egos who jumped through paper training of little difficulty to advance.

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