Shuffle Up or Clean House?

Civil Air Patrol

By AuxBeacon News Staff

The Aux Sentinel, News of the Force and CAP Insights have reported some shakeup news from the National Conference in Nashville. In addressing Civil Air Patrol’s current problems, the mindset among controlling authorities may be to terminate the head and replace with the cleanest and most immediate eager beaver candidate.

Unfortunately, the devil the BoG doesn’t know could instantly become a much bigger headache based on the content that has been submitted to our repository. Current and former CAP Commanders, in search of power and paid positions, are still in the process of intimidating younger members who have access to evidence and other resources.

When personality conflicts or trouble of “not too abusive nature” arises, the U.S. Air Force has often shuffles  personnel to create a new and more functional mix of team members. Sometimes that works and careers can be saved. Unfortunately, cutting off the head and shuffling doesn’t work with Civil Air Patrol because the organization is not going to fund the transfer of volunteers to paid positions in new and interesting locations around the country.

Such a “cut-and-shuffle” solution also fails because of the critical mass of members who have been intimidated, slandered, set-up, investigated and then shuffled off to oblivion. Johnny Dean and several CAP inspector generals and instructor pilots around the nation have been treated this way.

The BoG solution to the elimination of the drumbeat and drip of evidence is threefold:

1. Permanently remove those commanders who perpetrated these injustices from any future command or political influence. They can serve as members and technical advisers, but not as commanders.

2. Understand the volume of evidence available on the corruption of current and previous CAP and CAP-USAF commanders. The BoG needs new people, not a shuffle of older ones. The BoG may solicit information in open communications.

3. Revisit former members or “blackholed” ignored members who were isolated through commander lies and false documents and invite them to return to service.


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  1. I was active in Colorado wing and was a mission pilot… The problem with CAP is that they can’t police their own ranks and get rid of the troublemakers fast enough. There is no accountability whatsoever. The turnover is HUGE (except for the troublemakers, who stay forever, and thus cause the HUGE turnover…)and training is a HUGE drain on resources…..the regs call out the establishment of membership review committees, and encourage ‘discontinuing’ memberships for ANY reason….it just doesn’t work, though, due to politics.

    After a while, everyone looks at the effort expended vs. the value received, minus the frustration of dealing with the troublemakers, and leaves. Having said that, I’ve had a few great experiences in the CAP, but I would not recommend it to anyone.

  2. Members may be interested in an AF publication called, THE PATH TO EXTINCTION:THE USAF IN 2025. Available online. The apple doesn’t fall far from the sea.

  3. I’ve been watching for three months now and I think your AuxBeacon and the cadets behind you are channeling the spirit of Jimmy Stewart from Mr Smith Goes to Washington.

    “I didn’t like this boy from the beginning. But most of us feel that no man [or team] who wasn’t sincere could stage a fight like this against these impossible odds.”

    Please use the linked information wisely.

  4. Avatar anonymous in fear of reprisal | August 16, 2016 at 21:21 | Reply

    It seems that the only people NHQ is fooling is themselves. It’s like the kid who denies any wrongdoing while his hand is still stuck in the cookie jar. Everyone knows the “leadership” at NHQ is corrupt. It’s the talk the senior members have outside at every squadron meeting. It’s the talk in the underground CAP media. It’s the talk in the back hallways in the Wing, Region and National Conferences. In addition to NHQ there are cover-ups at Region and Wing levels that are so blatant it insults our intelligence to think otherwise.

    The members of Florida Wing for example have been shouting, begging, and pleading for someone at NHQ to fix the rampant corruption in that Wing’s leadership. Now we know why that never happened. Just before I transferred out of that Wing in utter disgust a guy who ran a porn website that showed young (very young) adults in nude suicide poses, and whose wife also posed nude on the site admitted on the webpage that both her and her husband enjoy smoking pot. Who was his wife by the way? Get ready, she was the Wing DDR Officer! This freak show was appointed by the Wing Commander as the 2015 summer encampment Commander AFTER the Wing Commander was notified of his online website! His online activities were no secret to FLWG members, as I know at least THREE people who told me they filed Form 30’s on this member for the website between 2014 and 2015. I was even shown an email to the Wing Commander from a parent whose son attended his squadron for a short time, who emailed a list of complaints about this member to the Wing Commander. That email mentioned his porn site as well as his facebook page that had cadets ‘friended’ where he advertised a “Nude Night” competition.

    In another case a few months before the 2015 encampment, cadets were caught accessing his porn site on their smartphone at a FLWG activity to look at nude photos of his wife who was a staff member at the activity! Squadron Commanders who knew, or knew of this guy refused to send their cadets to the encampment and a flood of out-of-state encampment requests were sent in to FLWG. The Wing Commander got so many requests that when the question was brought up at a town hall meeting at the 2015 Wing Conference just before the encampment that “No one is taking MY cadets out of MY wing!”, and subsequently denied the majority (if not all) of the requests, forcing the cadets who needed an encampment for promotion to attend an encampment ran by a porn-addicted, pot smoking sick-o.

    Thank the Lord that member was finally 2B’ed but only after the news of this guy’s online activity and pot smoking was leaked by a third-party media outlet and a package with graphic photos from the site and site quotes were sent to several congressional members the day before the CAP congressional meetings! Either NHQ or the Wing Commander 2B’ed him to save face, and claimed in an email to the FLWG members that action was taken “immediately upon discovering this problem”, but make no mistake, the evidence is there that NHQ, SER and the Florida Wing CC knew of this problem for at least nine months prior but was concerned about “first amendment rights”.

    The FLWG CC claims he didn’t know about any of this prior to the Congressional day visit, but if that was the case (and it’s not) then he is is inadvertently admitting to covering up the Form 30’s; one of which I can confirm was submitted because I was shown the email sent to the Wing IG and copied the Wing CC. Either he buried the Form 30, or he knew about this walking cadet protection violation and still appointed him the Commander of a major cadet activity. You can’t have it both ways. Again, everyone knows this. It’s the talk behind his back. The only people they are fooling is themselves. It’s time to own up and admit there is a problem. It’s time to fire the leadership who’s names you keep hearing over and over again from those “pesky common-folk members”. It turns out they were right all along.

    • It’s hard for me to imagine any wing being worse than FLWG. Such a cesspool. It was so tiresome to work within the system to get basic things done, and when you succeeded they would find a way to knock you down a peg or two. I won’t be back, and when my kids are old enough they won’t be joining either.

      There have been, and still are, honorable people sticking it out around FLWG, but the ones who truly hold all the cards are awful (and have been for years now). You think I want my kids exposed to that dumpster fire? Not on your life. Adios FLWG!

  5. Well put, I get 100% of what they are saying. When I joined as a cadet about 20 years ago, (now a Senior member) I didn’t realize what I was seeing was the twilight of a truly awesome program.

    I have the same lack of confidence in our leaders, I have seen too many people do whatever it takes to protect their own. I have seen people flat out lie over very important things and been harassed myself for calling those people out on the carpet, admonished and not promoted because of the stand that I took. To me that says volumes about this organization. When we are more willing to sweep things under the carpet than clean our own house we live in a pig-sty and that, in a way, sums up what we see.

    Not to take away what some wonderful people are doing in this program, it just seems that those wonderful people are never chosen or are so jaded by the time they reach the upper echelons they choose not to be leaders.

  6. I think that there should be a push for openness from national on this issue.

    NHQ needs to address this NOW. This is no time for cover-ups.

    Some said at the National Conference in Nashville that Rowland “did the honorable thing” by retiring before USAF investigated him and CAP was covered by the ensuing mud-bath. I think that the words “honorable” and “Rowland” shouldn’t appear in the same sentence. If Rowland wanted to do the honorable thing he could have OBEYED THE RULES like all other CAP members and paid staffers MUST do.

    I think the “good old boys” will allow this organization to implode on itself before they allow the USAF to come in and provide greater oversight and require some accountability from the membership.

    Then again, I sometimes wonder if the USAF wouldn’t like to take over, then dismantle the CAP organization permanently. I could see CP going to AFJROTC, AE to the AFA (Air Force Association), and ES responsibilities would be tasked to some other organization within military circles. There would be no more CAP or Auxiliary when they were done gutting it.

  7. I am not privy to the goings on at National and only get my information in ways such as this website. However, this being said, the news that has been passed on through this source should be announced by NHQ instead of covered up by the BOG and the higher echelons. This would quash any rumors (no matter what percentage of them are true) and keep the membership’s knowledge of what is happening with in “our” organization.

    I believe that band aiding the problems will cause larger festering down the road. Antibiotics are needed now! The best dose of medication will be to let USAF control the program to a greater degree than what is happening at this time. This would cause more accountability to take place. While saving the program from itself in the long run.

  8. Crooked is as crooked does.

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