Skip Munger Weighed in on Civil Air Patrol’s Postl and Greenberg

Skip MungerSkip Munger, who logged the News of the Force, to include the abuse of Civil Air Patrol

by Allagash | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s note: This contact from the fall of 2018 was found in a spam folder. We were not aware that Skip Munger rebroadcast this, but we did have an article exchange from NOTF on embezzlement in Tennessee Wing and that article did mention the child molestation charges and the attempted concealment by Col James Rushing. We may break that story into pieces at some time in the future. The contribution will be placed in sequence with a brief stay on the front page.]

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A little over a year ago News of the Force covered your story about how Civil Air Patrol was terminating those involved in exposing the pilot records forgery of Hawaii Wing Vice Commander Eduardo Zayas. That also included the cover-up worked by Hawaii Wing Civil Air Patrol’s Col Jeff Wong. On that story, my friend Skip Munger had this to say:

“News of the Force… reviewed it and found it to be one of the most foul and illegal cases of the treatment by the Civil Air Patrol of one of its officers we’ve ever seen, and the documents shown prove it.”

Civil Air Patrol sucks

Skip Munger and friend weighs in on Civil Air Patrol abuse.

I have always felt great empathy for Skip Munger and his friend Randall Patterson, who faithfully supported Skip’s efforts with truthful comments from time to time. I suspect that you don’t agree with all of Skip’s politics, but he was not a member of Civil Air Patrol or wearing that uniform when he was being critical of elected officials.

[Editor’s note: You are right, Skip was not a CAP commander nor even a member of Civil Air Patrol when he was sharing his harsher opinions on social media. It can be difficult to correct the more egotistical Civil Air Patrol commanders who do not understand world history and often make egregious mistakes in their presentations. Publicly correcting them with the facts is a politically risky action for younger officers, and thus these CAP commanders often get away with pushing false statements. This is precisely why CAP and military commanders should never be pushing their opinions on politics and history in public forums.]

On the outing of Civil Air Patrol’s pedophile Captain David Greenberg, Patterson had this to say, and I do not think I saw anything on your site about these events. If you want additional information about this, please let me know. [Editor: As we mentioned in our opening note, it was covered here, but we agree it needs to be handled separately.]

Reminds me of the Tennessee wing of the Civil Air Patrol back in 2006 when we uncovered those child abuse charges and Colonel James Rushing tried to cover up those allegations that were absolutely true. Could this be karma coming back to haunt them I certainly hope so. Criminal Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol sucks

Civil Air Patrol’s Pedophile David Greenberg

These public comments (and others that I will send you) show just how much Civil Air Patrol abuse has angered people in the program who no longer fear reprisal because they are older and no longer give a damn.

Our cadets cannot say a thing. They just have to take it from the worst of us, or their careers will be over.

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  1. Bah, Skip Munger also reported on tin-foil hat conspiracies like UFOs. He had no credibility after going against us and dishing out our dirty laundry.

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