Trash-Talk Indoctrination in Civil Air Patrol

CAP Lt Col Larry Julian, SER Chief of StaffCAP Lt Col Larry Julian, SER Chief of Staff

By AuxBeacon News Staff

We received this photo-story a few weeks ago from “a concerned patron in Southeast Region” with duties in “the field of education”. The parent-teacher, we assume, is asking if we know anything about “this person Larry Julian” who s/he views as being an example of the “backward, low-class dregs” who are being elevated to positions of influence over the young in Civil Air Patrol.

To sum up the submission, the individual makes their case based on their collection of public evidence of slanted and incendiary memes and statements, racist, sexist and trashy images that have been pushed out to Julian’s audience for the purpose of convincing others to support Donald Trump as “he represents himself under Civil Air Patrol logos and in U.S. Air Force style uniforms in violation of CAP Regulations”. S/he notes that this is the same “Donald Trump who is unraveling under the pressure of the investigations into his collusion with Russia and Vladimir Putin.”

Our look-see shows that the images provided to us are genuine, not faked, and that Larry Julian is the current Southeast Region Chief of Staff under commander Barry Melton. Julian previously served as the Georgia Wing Inspector General under commander Richard Greenwood.

Over the past several months AuxBeacon has received complaints against Civil Air Patrol leaders and their support staff for slyly pushing anti-Obama and pro-Trump “humor” to the membership in electronic media and during CAP meeting and activity time. Until now, the evidence has been in forms that would expose the individual member raising the objection, if shared. Larry Julian’s broadcasts, however, are open to the public.

Investigations into both the Trump family and the Civil Air Patrol will continue. As the ugly truths emerge, all will come to see CAP’s standing mission to be one of political indoctrination under the carrot of aviation.

CAP Lt Col Larry Julian, SER Chief of Staff

5 Comments on "Trash-Talk Indoctrination in Civil Air Patrol"

  1. GSgroup5’s comment reminded me of something I wanted to request of you a long time ago. Can you write something up that meets your standard that shows how stupid Larry…

    [Admin: I think that can be arranged. We’ll find an author for you.]

  2. Our Jim Kaletta is much braver than Larry Julian or Jon Stokes. He’s not taking his uniform off on FB. He should be the next national commander.

  3. Julian Ghetto | July 22, 2018 at 18:21 | Reply

    That Lt Col Larry Julian of the Civil Air Patrol would use the Air Force uniform to target Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama as ghetto trash in this way is disgusting and shows just how low these people were willing to stoop.

  4. JulianTroll | July 21, 2018 at 20:04 | Reply

    Larry Julian’s behavior is that of common racist white trash but draped in Air Force blues. A plump juicy candidate for Russian trolls. Sickening, IMO.

  5. Just a heads up in case no-one has told you. Michael H. Rosfeld, the East Pittsburgh Police Officer who shot a fleeing and unarmed Antwon Rose three times in the back was:

    1. A member of Civil Air Patrol, and
    2. Dismissed from his job with the University of Pittsburg police department in January 2018 for cause.

    Rosfeld’s personnel file has been turned over to investigators.

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