AFOSI Sting Entraps Air Force Captain

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[Editor’s Note: This story was sent to us last month and found in our spam filter. It originally appeared in Stars & Stripes and we have only summarized it. We are redacting the name of the captain out of respect for his family and while the captain’s behavior with 14 year old girls would definitely be wrong, it doesn’t seem honorable to us for AFOSI to deliberately create this artificial temptation.]

On Tuesday December 4, 2018 Capt. [redacted] of the 7th Weather Squadron in Wiesbaden was convicted on multiple counts of sex crimes after he shared sexually explicit material with two Air Force undercover agents who he believed to be 14 years old. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail and dismissal from the service.

The charges against [redacted] come from events in November of 2016 when he was deployed to Hurlburt Field, Florida. He responded to a “casual encounters” ad from “Tiffany on Craigslist stating that Tiffany was a military dependent looking for fun with people who had base access. But “Tiffany” was really an OSI agent working at Hurlburt as part of an Internet Crimes Against Children sting.

[Redacted’s] initial contact with Tiffany began innocently with a “Hey, I’m sorry you’re lonely,” and “I’d like to help you out.” When the agent informed him that his persona was 14, he responded with “Hey, we can never meet. I’m a little older than you,” and told her he was 28.

Agent Tiffany responded that “she” was OK with the age difference; didn’t want a friend, was “tired of boys” and was “looking for someone mature.”

After several more exchanges the conversation turned sexual, but then stopped for several days. OSI Agent “Tiffany” soon discovered that [redacted] had left Florida and was stationed in Germany. He told [redacted] about Tiffany’s friend, “Kerri” — a 14-year-old girl who lived on Ramstein with her mom — and gave him her email address.

“Kerri” was another OSI agent working at Ramstein. [Redacted] contacted her immediately, telling her at one point he was interested in “massages, kisses and sex.”

Agent “Kerri” send enhanced photos of herself that made her appear younger and smaller and communications continued for three months with the undercover agents by email and Kik.

The defense argued that their client suffered from depression in a bad marriage and that he was starved for affection. He was obsessed with sex but not with minors, his attorneys said. Through Tinder, he met other adult women with whom he carried on similar online sexual fantasies.

The agents countered in court that they made it clear their personas were underage; they said they were 14 and wrote about typical teenage concerns and topics.

Capt [redacted] had no prior criminal history and a forensic search of thousands of other electronic messages found no other interest in sex with minors. Youth soccer players that he coached in the past reported no inappropriate behavior during investigation interviews.

“He wasn’t targeting minors for sex,” said one of his attorneys. “He was targeting women and OSI inserted a minor” in an adult sex site, Crisp said. “Had OSI not created this scenario, we would not have a crime.”

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  1. There is a lot more to these OSI stings that isn’t mentioned in the article because it would shine light on the unlawful ways OSI and NCIS are entrapping their Airman and Sailors. For one, in most of these stings AFOSI was completely disregarding their ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) training. In some cases, the agents had never been trained at all, and it was obvious by reading some of the chat it was written by an adult. Furthermore, in an attempt to purposely cause “mistake of age” knowing they will probably win in court anyhow based on the sound of the charges alone (or plead guilty out of fear) the OSI agents used pictures of adults which were SUPPOSED to have been age regressed, but they didn’t age regress them in all cases (although it says in the case above they did). They disregarded the warrants and searched items of the airman that didn’t have warrants. They told their friends and their coworkers that the Airman were pedofiles in an attempt to gather any amount of dirt on them. They scoured social media and got names of exes and tried to get them to say that the Airman had raped or sexually assaulted them. They were even cat fishing Airman overseas in combat zones who were bored, lonely and depressed on ADULT websites and apps and then purposely led the chatter in a sexual direction. When the Airman fell for the adult woman in the pictures they were arrested and charged EVEN IF THERE WAS NO SOLICITATION, which was supposed to be the whole purpose of the chatter. If they merely chatted they were charged with “Attempted Sexual Abuse of a Child” because the UCMJ states that indecent communication is sexual abuse.
    So OSI is basically breaking the law and padding their numbers and the Air Force is turning a blind eye to it.

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