CAP BoG Chair Faces Rising Criticism

The Altieri FamilyThe Altieri Family

By AuxBeacon News Staff

[Editor’s Note: We received the information several days ago, but our staff has been busy traveling over the holiday season.]

Attention AuxBeacon,

Your effort this year in reporting CAP abuses and reprisals is having an impact in encouraging others to step up in the established public forums.

Your readers are familiar with 1st Lt James C. Kinser, the respected Hawk Mountain SAR instructor from Pennsylvania Wing who opts out of the ridiculous CAP promotion game. He has publicly voiced his opinion on what he thinks of CAP BoG Chair Jayson Altieri.

December 18th 6:32PM
James Kinser: Jason Atilari [sic] is a snake in the grass and a major reason why CAP has been made irrelevant in SAR. He will beat down every attempt of modernization and progress.

Multiple members, mostly cadets, are voicing out over Jayson Altieri and Richard Greenwood’s transparent nepotism fast tracking their daughters.

According the 2016 CAP Aircraft Operations Year in Review Chart, the Civil Air Patrol spent over 19,000 flight hours flying CAP corporate officers around to events, whistleblower 2B termination hearings, and other nonsense at taxpayer expense. State Appropriations and Federal Appropriations are being wasted. CAP Corporate spent more time in the air “eradicating” money than SAR, AFROTC, Cadet Orientation Flights, and Counterdrug combined.

To quote Lt Col Doug Johnson, “CAP is a self licking ice cream cone.”

Your team always requires evidence, so please find that at the following links. [Redacted]

4 Comments on "CAP BoG Chair Faces Rising Criticism"

  1. Avatar Altieri Seed | March 7, 2017 at 05:43 | Reply

    Might it be harder to boot-kick motivate this Jayson Altieri character to fix the corruption if he is using the program and inside commanders to advance his own seed? That conflict should be obvious.

  2. Avatar CAP Insights | January 8, 2017 at 20:23 | Reply

    Consider the trend in the dropping membership numbers now that people know what has been done to the disappeared who reported petty crime and incompetence in this program.

    Ray Hayden exposed the numbers on his CAP Insights page.

    When Amy Courter took over command of CAP back in 2007, the CAP had 64,000 members. Today, in official documentation from the Civil Air Patrol, that number has dropped to “approx. 56,000” members. How many of them are inactive in ghost squadrons or kept on rosters just to keep units from closing?

  3. That gigline is cringy.

  4. Are you kidding? I work very hard so that 39% of all my company’s profit and 38% of my personal income goes to pay for stupid things like this? And I can barely keep up with day care for my two children! CAP, YOU are what is wrong with this country. As long as ignorant Congressmen believe the lie that CAP saves tax dollars, then no real accountability will ever be pressuring our law makers to put a stop to all this waste.

    You should be indignant if only 1 cent was going toward these outrages expenses, its not the amount it is the principal!!! The CAP is irrelevant today. It is a pork barrel project as Sen McCain has said.

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