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Civil Air Patrol

by AuxBeacon Editors | AuxBeacon News Staff

We’ve been asked why there are stories and comments on AuxBeacon with different positions and opinions and if we are suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Can you explain why you have two different stories, one here and one on August 6th, that have such different position and tone?

The answer should be obvious and CAP members are being trolled by the question.

AuxBeacon relies, in part, on member tips and reports from the field. While Civil Air Patrol members share common interests, there is still a diversity of opinion on the best course for the organization and the nation it was created to serve. We release comments and member stories in this order of priority and balance:

1. News and facts with sourcing and supporting evidence
2. News and facts coupled with opinion preferably expressed in calm tones, but member anger over reprisals and failure to correct the corruption is something we seek to gauge and relay here
3. Credible opinion expressed in polite language
4. Other opinions and expressions from the frustrated and angry who lack the time or ability to assemble their thoughts into coherent paragraphs

Jabs and insults devoid of information or evidence are minimized but not always rejected on our site. Defamatory comments and stories that we find to be false are rejected. Unfortunately, AuxBeacon receives many angry comments against the CAP leadership and against AuxBeacon for exposing Civil Air Patrol’s concealed aviation accidents, fraud and theft, grooming, child molestation, and commander reprisals against those members who reported abuses up the chain of command or out to the criminal justice system and the media.

Unlike the defunct satirical AuxNewsNow, which some of you have observed as a tool serving a short-term political purpose, AuxBeacon is assembling current and historical, internal and external, media articles on Civil Air Patrol along with member reports from the field.

AuxBeacon relies on reader/member comments and stories for intelligence gathering, but any opinions included in those submissions do not necessarily reflect the understanding or opinions of any AuxBeacon editor or staff member.

When we were asked to release a factual member story coupled with a question on c/Col Fieglein’s YouTube presentation “Being Gay in Civil Air Patrol” we honored the request because it was politely formed, presented a truthful piece of CAP news and asked a question about how she could get away with her presentation while Joe Basrawi could not.

We answered the question based on U.S. law and Civil Air Patrol regulations and left the decision up to CAP National Commander Mark Smith and the Board of Governors as to whether any effort would be made to remove the custom YouTube thumbnail which places text above a cadet in uniform.

CAP Maj Gen Mark Smith, National Commander

CAP Maj Gen Mark Smith, National Commander

As of this posting, all have been required to agree that the thumbnail is still present:

Our concern is that these questions distract from the unsafe, racist and corrupt Civil Air Patrol culture that Mark Smith claims he and others are working to correct, while disingenuously failing to acknowledge the crimes of theft, misappropriation of funds, abuses, reprisals and concealments atop which many in the program are still standing.

“The tactic is to say anything to get the public eye off the NTSB accident reports, the criminal convictions, the suicides, and the the brainwashing and grooming of cadets and young adults.”


Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol Murder

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol pilot stole plane and suicide crashed into downtown Anchorage building

Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol

Crashed Civil Air Patrol Airplane

Capt David J. Greenberg

CAP Captain David J. Greenberg

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal with convicted CAP Member Kris Ward

Capt Kristian Ward Civil Air Patrol with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Eduardo Zayas

Civil Air Patrol commander Eduardo Zayas fined for forgery

3 Comments on "CAP Member Contributions Differ in Opinion"

  1. I am a Civil Air Patrol member and I love Donald Trump. Will you publish or reject this comment?

  2. “She was discouraged by all the overweight seniors in blue uniforms. She always teaches our cadets to take pride in how they look and wear their uniforms proudly. She reported incorrect badges, wrinkles, dirty shirts and huge weight problems all in blues.”

    National Headquarters would NEVER allow this. And I mean NEVER before 2003! Protocol, uniform correctness, grooming, weight issues were addressed at the door before you could attend any National event, conference, school, college, etc. They were extremely picky and adhered to CAP/USAF uniform regulations.

    To give you an example, I once wore a blue name tag on my dress blues instead of the required gray tag at a National school. I was immediately stopped at the door before I could finalize my registration. The NHQ protocol officer ordered me to change into semi-formal civilian attire temporarily while she got me a new name tag. It irked me since I had driven hundreds of miles, but at the same time, I was thrilled that NHQ was concerned about our image. I miss those days.

  3. Avatar Rocky mountain wilted flower | September 15, 2018 at 19:29 | Reply

    One of our newly promoted seniors attended the micky mouse show this summer and came away stunned. She cuts a nice image as a young female who is single, but enthusiastic for the cadet program. She’s a potential squadron commander at least until this summer.

    She had several comments after getting back to reality and is now wondering why she gives her time and money to an organization that says one thing and does many others in conflict to regulation or purpose. She will probably stick around, but without some of her excitement and dedication.

    She was discouraged by all the overweight seniors in blue uniforms. She always teaches our cadets to take pride in how they look and wear their uniforms proudly. She reported incorrect badges, wrinkles, dirty shirts and huge weight problems all in blues.

    Attending several introduction sessions called learning labs, she reported the national staff is only focused on their paycheck and their job. Very little interest in members who ask questions or seem to have ideas. Her description was that this is only a job and the paycheck and keeping money flowing is the goal. There is no such thing as a national mission, but only keeping the members quiet and compliant and recruiting new revenue sources.

    And she was appalled at being trolled.

    She is attractive and laughs. In several seminars and during lunches, she was asked if she would like a drink or would like to go do something later and these all came from older seniors who she described as desperate and disgusting. It was a nice roll model for cadets who have monthly character development instruction. One of her takeaways is that conferences seem to be a great way for adults to cheat on spouses or have a romp or two all in the name of saving the nation. She wondered how lead by example fits into this conference.

    Overall, her reaction was this was a giant waste of money and time.

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