Civil Air Patrol Florida Group Commander Inspires Cadets to Detest Elected Officials

Lt Col Jim Kaletta, Florida Group 5 CommanderLt Col Jim Kaletta, Florida Group 5 Commander

by Gator Capers | AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s Note: This came into our inbox earlier today. It is about Lt Col Jim Kaletta, the Florida Group 5 Commander, and his expressed distaste for Democratic politicians while representing the Civil Air Patrol in his uniform. We thank Gator Capers, Gotha and Lora Marciana for their contributions to this story.]

“Can’t make political statements in uniform.”
– Jon L. Stokes, Col, CAP Pacific Region Commander

Some of your articles on the infiltration of Civil Air Patrol members into US politics and the unfortunate grooming and brainwashing of our cadets has been brought to our attention. We can show you that Civil Air Patrol Pacific Region Commander Jon Stokes is just one of many and quite small potatoes in comparison to our nutty Group V commander here in Southeast Region Florida Wing Civil Air Patrol.

Check out “corperate pilot” Jim Kaletta in Air Force style Service Dress “crapping” (more literally than you might assume, see first pic) all over Robert Mueller, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We are surprised he didn’t go after Bob Corker and Adam Kinzinger.

Civil Air Patrol is being used exactly as you describe to circumvent the Hatch Act and, in some regions, to indoctrinate young cadets and future service members to mistrust and despise educated researchers, college professors, professional women, Jews, homosexuals, and any who outwardly reject the Abrahamic faiths peddled by the CAP Chaplain Corps.

Even after the embarrassing episodes in California, Pennsylvania and Georgia, our very model of the modern Major General Mark E. Smith has been unable to bring ancient members to heel and into compliance with Civil Air Patrol regulations and common sense. We don’t believe Smith is even attempting to control his people or Jim Kaletta and others wouldn’t be so “prolific” with their political droolings in CAP Air Force service dress.

First up is a tasteless use of Santa Claus to attack US Marine and Bronze Star recipient Robert Mueller.

Civil Air Patrol Jim Kaletta

Civil Air Patrol Lt Col Jim Kaletta dresses for success as he denigrates decorated US Marine Robert Mueller and various elected members of the US government.

Florida Wing Group V Civil Air Patrol

Florida Wing’s Group V Commander Jim Kaletta has no respect in his uniform for Chuck Schumer.

Nancy Pelosi ridiculed by Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol mocks and ridicules Nancy Pelosi?

Lt Col Kaletta has no qualms about attacking Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while wearing his Air Force Service Dress. Hey, he’s old and the rules never applied to him.

Civil Air Patrol Civil Air Patrol commander Jim Kaletta disparages Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Civil Air Patrol commander Jim Kaletta disparages Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Civil Air Patrol Chuck Schumer

Civil Air Patrol commander Jim Kaletta sells hate to his social media audience.

Lt Col Kaletta, Group V Commander, Civil Air Patrol calls for former President Barack Obama and John Kerry to be arrested for treason.

Civil Air Patrol TREASON

Service Dress wearing Florida Civil Air Patrol commander demands the arrest of Barack Obama and John Kerry for TREASON.

Civil Air Patrol attacks Sen Adam Schiff

Will Civil Air Patrol permit uniformed member attacks against Sen Adam Schiff?

Civil Air Patrol Kamala Harris

Will Civil Air Patrol permit uniformed member attacks against Kamala Harris?

6 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Florida Group Commander Inspires Cadets to Detest Elected Officials"

  1. Jim Kaletta is such a handsome devil. How could a lowly Eagle jock like Mark Smith possibly demand that Jim take the photo of himself in his Auxiliary Air Force uniform down to display a meme of Santa Claus shitting on Robert Mueller and other democrats? Bah!

  2. Far, far too many of the local unit leaders in Civil Air Patrol behave like this and pass these attitudes on to those just comin up through their teens. Dangerous.

  3. When did this organization gets so wound up in politics and using cadets in uniform and supporting this politics and religion. This is where the murkiness of this outfit need to READ and UNDERSTAND it’s own “Written Word.”

    Politics and Religion….highly effective in this organization….NOT!

    Can the leadership not read it’s own GD regulations once in a while before spouting off about membership and what we are required to do?

    May be time for old Ma and Pa Blue to lay some good ol fashioned Southern style legal smackdown on this organization and force them in to grays and polos and leave the cadets alone for a bit.

    Embarrassing as all get out and some of us really DO the real work of CAP while all these Blues and ABU button popping wearers are getting off with nary a 2B.

    Wow what a service oriented organization for some… amazing.

  4. When you say “the rules never applied to him” what are you talking about?

  5. What did Kaletta have to say about Schiff and Kamala Harris? You didn’t include anything supporting that accusation.

    • On 12 DEC Lt Col Jim Kaletta shared a message stating that Adam Schiff used tax payer $ in a sexual harassment settlement that involved a 19 yr old male in 2013.

      On 7 DEC Lt Col Jim Kaletta shared a message that Kamala Harris Now At Center of Sex Scandal After Attacking Kavanaugh For Months.

      [Admin: That’s true. We added those posts. Thank you for answering the question.]

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