Civil Air Patrol Tickles BOG Ears With a Song

Civil Air Patrol Pilot of the YearAfter the $12M Civil Air Patrol accident at Lagrange, Richard Greenwood anointed Tow-Pilot Joel Seidband as Pilot of the Year.

by Charlie D. Credit | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s Note: Over the past few weeks, following our members-only preemptive “celebration” of CAP’s appointment of Richard Greenwood to the position of Southeast Region Commander, we have been flooded with contributions adding more comment and evidence on the shenanigans in Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol. This summary was particularly creative, so we release it now. Another, which more brutally details the sad history may take some time for us to verify. Thank you all for your contributions.]

Fickle BOGsters of the Airways
Here is my request
Dub me SER Commander
So I can make more mess
I’ve been hiding with the mice
So quiet as Melton’s Vice
And the BOG seems like a fool to me.

I deleted all the records of their voice
So that I will be considered as your choice
Saying this for the girls and boys
Who just won’t sign their names
Yes, they need a dedication just the same.

Suthern nights with no Bell have me hopin’
Sometimes I wind up mopin’
People say that I look weary
But that’s just what Imma pokin’ [link redacted]
CAP Members make my nighttime race
Dissing my 12 megabuck disgrace
But my promotion sounds so good
Is it still sounding good to you?

Van Buren spilled my goal of two-star
Still she seems like a friend to me?

Seidband G-man of the Airways
Run away from Richard Quest
You shouldn’t be a tow-pilot
Your award is a toolin’ jest
I’ve been reading the reports
From the N-T-S-B
And you seem like a turd at best.

Civil Air Patrol's Richard Greenwood and James L. Shaw

Richard Greenwood and James L. Shaw

Maj General Richard Greenwood, Civil Air Patrol

Richard Greenwood General-Select, Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol's Col Alvin Bedgood suspends Joe Knight III for misconduct

Civil Air Patrol’s Col Alvin Bedgood suspends Joe Knight III for misconduct

Col Alvin Bedgood suspends Lt Col Brett Slagle for misconduct

Col Alvin Bedgood suspends Lt Col Brett Slagle for misconduct

6 Comments on "Civil Air Patrol Tickles BOG Ears With a Song"

  1. Perfect read for 12 year old cadets jacked up on skittles and mountain dew.

  2. All I can say is, we’re down from being the biggest squadron in the group a few years ago, to having about five cadets on average at a meeting. Pretty much every echelon above us seems intent on micromanaging us to the point that we can barely do anything more than basic squadron functions, let alone anything to keep cadets interested in the program.

    I’m not going on a melodramatic strike. I’ll just keep shuffling paperwork, proctoring tests, and boggling at the decisions of those above me, and hope for better times.

  3. Stepping back, bigger picture – CAP is probably slipping, slowly, into irrelevancy; not particularly credible with most state SAR elements, and likely seen as an unwelcome competitor by many, its usefulness has also been eroded by the 406 ELT cut over. CAP, and its employment methods, are ponderous and slow – not always, but often enough to drive bad opinions. There are niche areas where it can be useful, but probably not sustained, not as now constituted and managed.

    Aviation has matured much faster than CAP, and it trails culturally, as well. The cadet program is useful, in the better run squadrons, but not such a unique experience that other youth organizations couldn’t fill the void. Aerospace education also has some, but diminished, value – it’s not as necessary as it was a few decades back. With SAR missions greatly reduced, and often taken on by state and local entities, that aspect of CAP is also diminished – not gone completely, but definitely shrunk.

  4. I am kind of casually a student of corporate culture and the culture at CAP is: “All my subordinates are children.” This appears to come right from the top — the Air Force.

    All the way up and down the chain, people are treated like children. Watched, mistrusted, and in an attempt to control them, subjected to endless bureaucratic rules and procedures. Every year it gets worse. Last year there was a major revamp to the flying rules and procedures, adding many silly things and taking away nothing. I will let my membership expire as I am so fed up.

    Interestingly, I have started Disaster Services training with the American Red Cross. Yes, there have been some accusations of financial issues, but from the new volunteer point of view it is a breath of fresh air. They actually appreciate and cultivate their volunteers. There is a plethora of online and live webinar training that is created and managed at the national level, completely unlike the silos of CAP.

    National staff to the extent I have seen, does not seem to be preoccupied with CYA — again unlike CAP. Their disaster management structure is based on the FEMA Incident Command System, so is very familiar. As part of my training I am going to Austin TX, expenses paid. In CAP, every dime is scrutinized and it is fairly routine for a legitimate expenditure to be rejected because of complex budget rules, screwing the person who incurred the expense. The acronym is often translated as Come And Pay. The only downside to the Red Cross is that they don’t have airplanes!

  5. Here’s another item for your growing collection.

    I was a cadet in Texas Wing in the 1990s when Oliver North backed Steve Stockman to represent our 9th Congressional District. After a few failures, he won election in 1994. In 1995, at a ceremony we attended at Jefferson County Airport (now Jack Brooks Regional), Civil Air Patrol inducted him into the Congressional Squadron.

    He soon became known as The Fool on the Hill and lost his 1996 election. In 2012, he managed to got (sic) elected to represent Texas’ new 36th district.

    Long story short, on April 12th 2018, Civil Air Patrol’s Steve Stockman was tried and found guilty of 23 felonies. Just this past November he was sentenced to serve 10 years in prison and ordered to pay $1,014,718.51 in restitution. The question is, when did Civil Air Patrol terminate his membership? ROTFLMAO.

    Your team is dead-on-target in exposing Civil Air Patrol corruption of our elected government and the alphabits of aviation oversight. So here’s the proof for this story that I’m sure you will be looking for [links redacted].

  6. Be sure to add Lynn and Corsi as the new CrAP BOG Heads.

    [link redacted]

    [Admin: Thank you. Added as you suggested.]

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