Legislative Week: Isolated Incidents or Pattern of Abuse and Conceal in Civil Air Patrol?

Civil Air Patrol sucksA Recent Spectrum of the Civil Air Patrol Creep Show

by Cher B. Willing | AuxBeacon News Contributor

[Editor’s note: We agree and this could be a good start. Thank you for your contribution.]

Soon after the story of Washington Wing’s Major Mark Norton having pimped a Civil Air Patrol cadet that he had statutory raped and groomed, [redacted], one of CAP’s blue-pill peddlers emerged on CAPTalk using pseudonym “TheSkyHornet” with this to say:

“…What need do you have to know right now? You don’t. There is nothing occurring that is your direct, immediate concern. This is indicative as a one-off, isolated incident between two members whose relationship became inappropriate outside the scope of the weekly CAP meeting.”

I want to firmly call-out this individual in a forum where [redacted] and Darin Ninness have no power to shut down the thread. If a concerned parent wants to ask questions of other members who might know something more about this or another case that exposes a trend and systemic problem, there is nothing wrong with attempting to do so. Some CAPTalk people, supported by Darin Ninness, are attempting to block public communication of two things:

1. Our utter disgust with Civil Air Patrol and Air Force leadership for permitting cover-ups and whistle-blower reprisals, and
2. Evidence that this is not “a one-off isolated incident” of Air Force and Air Patrol statutory rape or child abuse.

TheSkyHornet also stated:

“For the sake of the organization, I’d like to not see this blow up in the media on a national level. The less information CAP releases for the sake of providing general knowledge, the better. Read the news if you want details.”

This member’s preference is to hide the evidence of a systemic problem in our organization of monsters who believe they can use rank, ribbon and reward to intimidate and silence.

So I’m going to figuratively escort Mark Smith, Edward Phelka, TheSkyHornet and their followers by the nose and, with all the members of the House and Senate watching, lead them down into the excrement generated by members of Civil Air Patrol and the US Air Force which have been assembled here on Auxbeacon against the wishes of that same leadership.

The following cases of child abuse, sexual assault or physical assault involve members of Civil Air Patrol and/or the United States Air Force.

Case 2019-02-18 Maj Mark Norton, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2018-07-15 Cadet A.C. Winward, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2018-04-13 Capt Kris Ward, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2017-03-16 Capt David Greenberg, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2012-10-18 John C. Kershenstein, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2012-09-28 Lt Col Steven Governale, USAFR

Case 2012-04-01 Lt Col Edwin C. Culbert, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2011-05-07 Jeffrey D. Carter, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2004-04-20 Scott Lombardi, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2004-02-12 Lt Col Alger Conger, Civil Air Patrol

Case 2003-12-20 Capt Wendell Jerome Brave, Civil Air Patrol

Case 1996-09-12 Lt Col Edward Joseph Leidy, Civil Air Patrol

Case 1990-10-01 Lt Col Edward Albert Newman, Civil Air Patrol

Case 1989-07-15 Roderick Beaumont, Civil Air Patrol

Case 1989-02-04 Gary L. Monroe, Civil Air Patrol

Case 1970-07-29 Edward Harvey Stokes, Civil Air Patrol

Case 1967-02-22 Capt David Ferrie, Civil Air Patrol

This is not all there is, this is all I have time to put together right now. I know there are many more. Maybe your other readers will add Civil Air Patrol and Air Force abuse cases to the list?

Here’s what happened on that CT thread.

jeders Global Moderator wrote:

Motion to close has been seconded, motion carries.

Right now, any discussion on this particular case will only be speculatory (sic) and, as previously pointed out, doesn’t help anyone. If and when new actual facts come out, if there is a reasonable request to do so, we will unlock the thread; until then, just make sure that you’re doing everything you can to provide the best program for those you can affect.

Civil Air Patrol sucks

What are we hiding in Civil Air Patrol?

But that is not true at all. The list that I have started to assemble above is not speculative, it is fact. It is the very fact that these truly horrible people (IMO) are attempting to hide by their own confession.

“For the sake of the organization, I’d like to not see this blow up in the media on a national level. The less information CAP releases for the sake of providing general knowledge, the better. Read the news if you want details.” – TheSkyHornet

Shutting down the thread makes it appear that people in Civil Air Patrol know of many other cases that you have not yet found or presented on AuxBeacon, no?

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  1. From being a member since the 1970s, the CAP is notorious for covering this up like the Boy Scouts. Anyone care to guess who the CAP members are among this list? Not hard to figure out.


  2. Avatar Major Wacks | April 11, 2019 at 03:06 | Reply

    CARROLLTON, Va. — Isle of Wight County sheriff’s deputies arrested a Virginia National Guard (VNG) airman on Thursday. The reservist is accused of distributing child pornography.

    Investigators arrested Maj. Gregory Wacks, who lives in Carrollton, after they got a tip from Homeland Security Investigations.

    A spokesman for the Virginia National Guard said Wacks is assigned to the 192nd Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis. Wacks is a drill status airman who works full-time for the VNG at Langley Air Force Base as a Title 32 federal technician. The human resources officer joined the Virginia Air National Guard in June 2016 after serving about 10 years in the active duty Air Force.

    Wacks, 36, faces a felony charge. He was released on a $2,500 secured bond.

  3. Is your site ever coming back to do new stories and release comments? What’s going on?

  4. I do not want any association or honorary membership with the Civil Air Patrol. The CAP is a reputation killer. Supporting the local American Legion and veterans groups are better alternatives to get votes.

  5. The more I learn about how the game is played in Civil Air Patrol, the more sickened I become.

    Can you add this, but keep my name out of it?

    [link redacted]

  6. The Civil Air Patrol appears to be a haven for sexual predators of different intelligence levels. Even if they do not act out against minors, they are given the opportunity to groom our sons and daughters until of legal age and out of the benefits of the program.

    Since the Air Force and Congress are incapable of holding the organization accountable, the corruption continues for years, records are destroyed, victims are bribed and threatened, and whistleblowers suffer reprisal and excommunication.

  7. Ninness did a poor job at recruiting with the Army Cadet Corps and has done a worse job at Civil Air Patrol. Only in the CAP, can you do a piss poor job, and get rewarded (cough, cough) a DSM. In corporate America, he would of been dismissed.

  8. Avatar AbiggDragon | March 3, 2019 at 02:05 | Reply

    I am so disgusted to see this and the lack of corrective action from the national office to clean up the poor professionalism of CAP members online. These online forums are a source of constant opsec violations, embarrassment and they need to go.

    Here’s some help. Auxbeacon has a 2011 story on New Jersey Civil Air Patrol “peeping-pilot” Patrick Lott, but it’s misfiled under the state of Massachusetts and doesn’t have the necessary supporting evidence.

    Patrick Lott’s career as educator, public servant rocked by charges by Sergio Bichao | Staff Writer
    December 28, 2011

    Winning coach. Beloved school administrator. Politician.

    ===> Civil Air Patrol veteran. <=== A father of two stepsons and a daughter. These are accomplishments and accolades on Patrick Lott’s resume. So it came as a shock to those who knew him that Lott — who for so many years had been entrusted with students and athletes — had been arrested and charged with videotaping naked teenage boys showering at Immaculata High School in Somerville. Lott has been the assistant principal at Bernardsville Middle School since 2009. Before that he was assistant principal of Bernards High School since 2003. He also was a teacher in Montgomery High School, where he coached the wrestling and basketball teams for about a decade. As wrestling coach, his teams won the Skyland Conference’s Raritan Division title in 2000 and 2001. He was the Courier News Boys Basketball Coach of the Year in 1998, when the program won 20 games for the first time. Among Lott’s honors are his nomination for Disney’s Teacher of the Year in 2002, NJSIAA-NJCA head coach of the South All-Star Team in 2001, Montgomery PTSA Founders Award in 1999 and the Bedminster Education Association Honored Teacher in 1997. He was on the state Council on Physical Fitness in 2001-02. Lott holds a master’s degree in education leadership from Seton Hall University. /End Consider changing your original title and using these two articles to expand and better support the assertion that he was a New Jersey Wing Civil Air Patrol pilot. [links redacted]

    • I remember when AB first released this story. I remember asking myself why you tied it to Mass? I was going to write in with what I had, but never did because I liked Joe A at the time.

  9. Ryan Mantz recent 2018.

  10. You should add Nicholas Robey, Civil Air Patrol

  11. You don’t have any of the creepers from California Wing.

    [link redacted]

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