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Dwight WhelessDwight Wheless

By Dwight Wheless | CAP News

During a conference call, CAP’s National Commander, Maj Gen Dwight Wheless, informed the Wing and Region Commanders that he was resigning as Commander no later than 1 July. Brig Gen Tony Pineda will become CAP’s next Commander. He was also on the conference call and said he would be not be making changes at this time.

Below is the text of the message that Maj Gen Wheless released.


Outside of the joy of my family and personal friends, my greatest joy in life has been my 24 years of service to my Country through Civil Air Patrol. The past ten months since assuming Command of this great organization have taken me all across the Nation carrying our story of better than 64 years of commitment to the principles of freedom and liberty for all people, the protection of our shores, the training of young people in the ways of respect and discipline, and the teaching of the lessons of air power.

During these ten months I essentially retired from the practice of law to devote full time to this Command, but I have clients I have served for 38 years who still rely on me for advice, and I have yet to fulfill my promise to finish the completion of our law office’s construction of a branch office and the training of new associates. Also, I seem to be missing all the junior baseball games and dance recitals that my grandchildren are involved in every weekend.

These months have also given me the opportunity to work closely with Brig Gen Tony Pineda whom I have tried to expose to all facets of commanding Civil Air Patrol so that he could step into the Command position seamlessly when the time came. Tony has been a loyal companion during these months and has shown me that he has the potential of being a fine Commander.

I also believe our Headquarters staff is a fine group of professionals, well-tuned, customer-oriented and will find great satisfaction and fulfillment ahead. I know that the staff and Col Vogt will work well together and only good things will come from that.

So, believing a transition would not be harmful to this great organization at this time, I hereby tender my resignation from the office of National Commander to become effective no later than July 1, 2005, or earlier at an appropriate change of command ceremony at a time mutually agreed upon with Brig Gen Pineda. I wish for Civil Air Patrol and all its members the continuation of our fine tradition of service to Country, and the satisfaction of knowing that volunteer time in Civil Air Patrol has been well-spent.


Major General, CAP National Commander

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  1. That you are tracking all this history that they hoped would be forgotten is humiliating them and pissing them off. See here

    [link redacted]

  2. On Wheless doing a Clinton – I have heard about this for years from some very high level CAP leaders. The problem that I had with Wheless is the fact that he was her boss as Vice Commander and then as National Commander. He had the ability to fire her; instead he used that position to fire into her… That put him in a position of authority. That is where he went wrong.

    The really sad part was that as a lawyer, he knew exactly what kind of liability he was exposing the CAP Corporation too. I personally could care less who Wheless was doing on his own time, but he was using CAP resources and a CAP employee for his own pleasure; that is wrong, wrong, wrong. Thank you Maj Gen Wheless for trashing our program for your satisfaction.

    The fact that he took no action and allowed this situation to come to an unpleasant result, show that Wheless was grossly unsuited for command of this type of organization.

    In the corporate world, both would have been fired on the spot. However, in the CAP corporate world, the malcontents at NHQ named an award after this buffoon. Disgraceful!

  3. A heads up for the authors and editors at AuxBeacon who have been working to expose the corruption, womanizing and alcoholism rampant in the program.

    Maj. Gen. Dwight Wheless, who served briefly as CAP national commander from 2004-2005 and most recently the chief of legal officer corps, passed away on Friday June 30th at the age of 76.

    Wheless’ daughter, Shelle Altieri, is married to the vice chair of CAP’s Board of Governors, Col. Jayson Altieri.

    Granddaughter Isabella Altieri holds the rank of cadet chief master sergeant in the National Capital Wing’s Challenger I Cadet Squadron.

  4. Does this surprise anyone…Wheless’s son-in-law is the Board of Governor Chairman; talk about nepotism and covering up the dirt under the rug!

    Rumor is from inside the Northeast Region staff that some members of the CAP Board are so tired of Altieri’s leadership style and covering up of issues like his handling of the McSparrons scandal (and I heard two those perverts had compromising pictures of both Jayson Altieri and Henry Irizarry with Heather McSparron that were taken at the National Conference in Orlando last year) they are going to force him to resign from the BOG soon, just like they did with Rowland earlier this year.

    I don’t know what dirt Rowland had on Wheless or Altieri that they signed off on the disgraced COO staying on as long as he did, but the dominoes are finally starting to fall…Maybe we can get rid of the Tar Heel Mafia once and for all!

    This is a congressional inquiry just looking to happen and someone with some balls at National needs to do the right thing and investigate Altieri’s role in the Rowland and McSparron scandals and report this to finally clean up this corruption.

    • Have you seen Altieri’s wife? Heather is a hottie… no comparison!

      Heather claims to be into group fun. One can only imagine what happens at these national conferences when the wives are left at home. AuxBeacon, check your inbox, and see the Orlando photos I sent you.

  5. Avatar A Long Time CAP Pilot | November 17, 2016 at 05:34 | Reply

    Today, he holds the most powerful position in the CAP as head of the CAP Legal Corps in Vazquez’s “corrupt” administration. It’s the Pineda era all over again, but much, much worse.

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