Smith’s Cadet Protégé Dominates in Anaheim

Civil Air Patrol

by CACyPants | AuxBeacon News Contributor

Attendees at Civil Air Patrol’s 2018 National Conference in Anaheim California were shown a few new, bold moves. One AuxBeacon contributor is concerned that the Christian home-schoolers are being educated against the will of their parents.

Maj Gen Mark E. Smith Civil Air Patrol is a fabulous Nazarene.

Recent YouTube video and custom thumbnail image takes Civil Air Patrol onward and outward.

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We understand what you are doing. Can you run this story from us without any edits from you at all? This is a Spaatz Cadet in Anaheim right now who could be leading by a better example? Our comments will have hashtag [redacted] so that you know it is us. Your comments?

“About Wing Conference 2015 in Fort Worth… my thoughts as a cadet were ‘It kind of sucked… and wasn’t worth ten dollars.'”

“Holly loves working with all of the NCAC and National Staff to make a real impact for cadets across the nation.”

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  1. Avatar HeatherHolly | April 5, 2019 at 21:02 | Reply

    Should I follow Heather Wilson on the gay issue or should we heed Mark Smith and Holly Fieglein?

  2. It looks like Christians have their answer on National support for Homosexuals in Civil Air Patrol.

    C/Col Holly Fieglein of Texas Wing has been named as the National Cadet Advisory Council Chairperson. Her official term begins October 1, 2018.

  3. Can you explain why you have two different stories, one here and one on August 6th, that have such different position and tone?

  4. Avatar Lamentations | August 27, 2018 at 23:17 | Reply

    I’ve been following the sad news in Civil Air Patrol and there are somethings that CAP members who couldn’t travel to the 2018 Disney Conference need to know.

    SECAF Heather Wilson appeared at Civil Air Patrol’s National Conference to speak about the inspirational Civil Air Patrol of the past.

    She dressed like she was at Civil Air Patrol’s funeral.

    She made no mention of her Civil Air Patrol appearance on either of her Twitter and Facebook accounts. Is she ashamed of us?

    I now agree with your contributors that the organization will not be able to continue until it rectifies the injustices of its past. It may even be too late.

    [image link removed]

  5. Here in [redacted] Wisconsin, we Germans refer to someone as a Flegel for their loud, troublesome, antisocial lack of manners and other inappropriate behavior. Flegelein would be the diminutive version of Flegel. What a can of worms!

  6. Avatar FatherMurphy | August 27, 2018 at 03:19 | Reply

    Although I suppose the two issues are technically unrelated, Cadet Colonel Feiglein could not have picked a worse public relations time to broach this topic with the Catholic priests in the news again.

  7. Is this part of some master plan to drive out all the Christian fundamentalists and their little home-schooled brats? OR are Civil Air Patrol cadets really going to break the news to these people that there is no Santy Claus? Are the members ready for this? I doubt it.

  8. Avatar Smith Fabulous Nazarene | August 26, 2018 at 20:09 | Reply

    I for one think it absolutely fabulous that Maj Gen Mark E. Smith, an onliner Ed.D graduate of Olivet Nazarene University would be able to achieve this commentary with his choices to lead the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Advisory Council.

    ONU has had complaints over its position on Homosexuality,

    According to the 2009–2013 Manual of the Church of the Nazarene: “Homosexuality is one means by which human sexuality is perverted. We recognize the depth of the perversion that leads to homosexual acts but affirm the biblical position that such acts are sinful and subject to the wrath of God. We believe the grace of God sufficient to overcome the practice of homosexuality (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). We deplore any action or statement that would seem to imply compatibility between Christian morality and the practice of homosexuality. We urge clear preaching and teaching concerning Bible standards of sexual morality

  9. I had more fun at Disneyland than the CAP Conference in Anaheim.

  10. The recent aviation accidents appear to be taking a toll on the vision for Civil Air Patrol future.

    If you like nerdy STEM (Science, Tech, Engr, Math) related projects, this national conference was for you. But the truth is, there are plenty of STEM schools outside of the CAP that can do a much better job at this.

    I have had enough of this.

  11. I agree with Holly Fieglein that conference award ceremonies are too long.

  12. Avatar Escape2Disney | August 25, 2018 at 18:17 | Reply

    We can’t stand this conference so we are going to Disney instead. Yay!

  13. Avatar Another Scrandall | August 25, 2018 at 07:22 | Reply

    Texas cadets lead the way…. Vlogging Spaatzians, Spaatzians having children out of wedlock, Spaatzians committing murders… Anyone see a common thread or three????
    All cadets. All in Texas, and all Spaatzians. Hmmmm
    Could the core values be missing or do they have an on/off switch in TXWG

  14. Avatar Another Scrandall in TX | August 25, 2018 at 07:17 | Reply

    This is a good example of Texas Wing leadership. Could the recent mass exodus (director, deputy director, and a few others without warning) from wing cadet programs be connected somehow?

  15. #Redacted. Thank you for posting this without any edits. TBH, we didn’t think you would do it. The question we Christian Home Schoolers who want to live moral lives have for you is this:

    Why is Holly allowed to do her August 17th 2018 video “Being Gay in Civil Air Patrol” using a cadet in characteristic pose while wearing the Civil Air Patrol uniform for the cover shot when Joe Basrawi cannot use the uniform to show his credibility in supporting Turning Point USA?

    Also, another in our group wants to ask why did AuxBeacon object to Larry Julian’s memes but not to those of Skip Munger’s on his page?

    Link2 removed, photo added

    Editors’ Reply:

    We will be reviewing and releasing other comments we have received on this and other stories during the national conference and over the weekend. We answer your second question first.

    When Skip Munger was posting those memes, he was NOT a member of Civil Air Patrol and he was NOT wearing the Civil Air Patrol Air Force style uniform or using the Civil Air Patrol logos.

    The answer to your first question comes from the information c/Col Fieglein wisely provided in the YouTube video description and comments. The official policy of the Civil Air Patrol organization and United States Law is to not discriminate against LGBTQ members. Therefore, the observations of cadets are relevant to that Civil Air Patrol policy.

    Maj Gen Mark Smith and CAP National may or may not have authorized this video or the cover photo, but this is Holly’s decision and she appears to understand the potential risk of fallout to her.

    Your view of homosexuality as an amoral life style choice rather than one based on genetics is misled. Your understanding of morality is coming from one civilization’s ancient 2300-2600 year old texts, the true origins of which you will soon have the opportunity to research as an adult because of service member sacrifices and the laws of the nation in which you live.

  16. Avatar FirstQuestion | August 23, 2018 at 22:14 | Reply

    I don’t know where they or you will go with this, but I do have a question before anyone else jumps in. Why is it acceptable for her and her friends to use the Civil Air Patrol uniform to discuss being Gay in Civil Air Patrol while Bas cannot wear his uniform to reinforce his support for Turning Point USA and the Hebrew laws against homosexuality?

  17. Smith’s Protege – C/Col Holly Fieglein of Texas Wing is proud to serve on the National Cadet Advisory Council as the Vice Chair. As a member of Civil Air Patrol for five years she has attended 9 Encampment in 5 different wings in positions from Flight Sergeant to Cadet Commander. She has also been active in Texas Wing staffing their leadership schools. She is a member of Houston’s Thunderbird Composite Squadron where she has served at every echelon. Fieglein graduated from National Emergency Services Academy’s, Wilderness Advanced First Aid and Advanced Ground Search and Rescue School in 2015, Cadet Officer School in 2016 and attended the International Air Cadet Exchange to Canada in 2017.

    Holly loves working with all of the NCAC and National Staff to make a real impact for cadets across the nation.

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