Uticadebt Alerts on $150K Judgment Against Air Force Colonel; Warns on Victim Shaming

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by Uticadebt | AuxBeacon News Reader

[Editor’s note: With the understanding of the anonymous author, we have edited parts of this story to clarify and amplify. Thank you for your contribution.}

Here’s a story you can do to help warn others, especially Civil Air Patrol people, against the shaming of underage victims or Air Force whistleblowers.

Retired Col Andrew W. Green, a former employee at the Rome Research Site of the Air Force Research Laboratory must pay $150,000 for the consensual statutory rape of a 15 year old girl.

Col Andrew Green USAF Retired

“On Wednesday, state Supreme Court Justice Deborah Karalunas ruled in favor of the victim, ordering Green to pay $150,000 in damages and punishment, according to reports on Syracuse.com. In her decision, the justice noted how the victim had been made to feel at fault and suffered emotional trauma and damage.”

Justice Karalunas also rejected an argument from the defense that the age of consent doesn’t apply in civil cases.

Judge Karalunas

The Honorable Deborah Karalunas

You can show your readers the details of what his consensual underage sex partner went through as reported in the story: I almost died after Jamesville Air Force Colonel raped me.

In her civil case, [she] testified that Col. Green had sex with her 30 times in 2015. He admitted to 9 incidents. She described how her friends disappeared and she received disgusting looks and vulgar name insults. In response she suffered panic attacks, shortness of breath, and shakes.

This initially high academic achiever watched her grades plummet and she withdrew from extra-curricular activities. Binge alcohol drinking and cutting herself became outlets.

I think this story should be of urgent interest to all cadet members of Civil Air Patrol and New York Wing. Our former Wing Commander, Lt Col Steve Perta, was a past commander for Utica Cadet Squadron and Rome Utica Group. The whole thing is very very sad.

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  1. I thought the contributors to ABN had some sick fetish for the idea of BRAINWASHING and GROOMING cadets, but it looks like this is not your thing and that this is a real-world problem.


  2. Civil Air Patrol Major accused of grooming and pimping his underage babysitter

  3. According to my friends in OKWG Civil Air Patrol who truly love Jesus and God, isn’t the rapist also a victim of God’s will? Why are we shaming Col Green if he is a tool of God or a victim of liberal society? George Faught understood this and so many mocked him. Instead, lets stop reporting military rapes in the news and on your disgusting anti-America blog.

    God must need strong men to rape the weak (toughens ’em up) and if we keep talking about it, none of our nation’s smarties are going to sign up if they know what might be waiting for them.

  4. Headline much jargon. I understand your objective, but you might simplify it.

    Try “Uticadebt alerts on $150K judgment against Air Force Colonel; warns on victim shaming”

    Or just “Former Air Force colonel ordered to pay $150000 to victim”

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